KONTAN.CO.ID – August 2020 has entered the middle week towards the end. There are several United mountain bikes at attractive price options. You can see the price of United mountain bikes starting from Rp. 2 million this month.

Traveling fever is currently affecting many people in Indonesia. Through this fun, yet healthy activity, you can have fun going through city streets and extreme terrains.

No less important, you can also get health benefits to maintain immunity in the midst of the new corona virus pandemic.

There are several popular types of bicycles that you can find on the market. For example, folding bikes, mountain bikes, to sophisticated e-bikes.

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Speaking of mountain bikes, local brand United has an interesting line of mountain bikes. In August 2020, United’s mountain bike prices start at IDR 2 million.

Through the price offered by United’s mountain bikes, of course the specifications are qualified. Then, it’s still economical in your pocket. So, the rest you can buy accessories to add to your cool appearance.

Generally, mountain bikes are capable of providing an exciting experience over rocky roads. Not only that, muddy dirt roads can also be bulldozed.

The basic specifications for the United mountain bike are also equipped with suspension. That way, when driving through rocky roads to the extreme it still feels comfortable.

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The United mountain bike series at a price of Rp. 2 million has several interesting options. For a price that doesn’t break your pocket, you can get the cool United mountain bike.

Here are the prices for United mountain bikes in August 2020:

  • The price of the United Monanza 20 mountain bike (2020) – IDR 2,000,000
  • The price of the United Miami 24 mountain bike (2020) – IDR 2,800,000
  • The price of the United Venus 1 mountain bike (2020) – IDR 2,865,000
  • The price of United Elbruz mountain bikes (2020) – IDR 3,400,000
  • United Stavroz mountain bike prices (2020) – IDR 3,465,000
  • The price of United Monanza mountain bikes is 4.00 (2020) – IDR 3,600,000
  • Detroit Mountain Bike Price 1.00 (2020) – IDR 3,600,000

United mountain bike prices in August 2020 sourced from website United Indonesia official. The price and stock of bicycles available at the nearest bicycle shop or outlet may change at any time.

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