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Starting the longest flight from Singapore to New York

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The longest flight from Singapore to New York begins on Friday 12 October 2018.

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On Friday, 161 passengers took off on the world's longest journey between Singapore and New York airports, which lasted about 19 hours without any stops or stops, including a list of meals that provide "luxury" for travelers and a better lighting system, Watch it.

Two pilots and two pilots have been piloting the long-haul Airbus A330-900 ULL, which will cross 16,700 kilometers between Singapore and New York.

On the flight SJ22 to Singapore Airlines, which was announced at 1535 GMT, the plane carried 161 passengers, including 67 business class and 94 economy class passengers, while no passenger In the economic class, the airline indicated that the working hours of the crew of 13 passengers are distributed, so that each employee can get the minimum legal rest, which is 4 hours.

The biggest challenge for passengers was the passage of time, and they were able to overcome the problem by choosing between movies and television programs with a total duration of 1200 hours, equivalent to 7 weeks. According to the airline, meals included on the plane selected dishes to secure "luxury" the weather.

In order to improve the experience and reduce the tension that can result from spending a full day in the air, the aircraft is designed to be roof-high and its windows are larger, and equipped with special lighting that is supposed to limit the effects of timing difference by playing on colors.

"The research shows that moisturizing and food are important factors," said Rhohno Boller, a health expert at consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. "Foods that cause gas, bloating and alcohol abuse should be avoided," said Boehler, A consultant at the National University Hospital in Singapore, said that "the main concern is the possibility of a deep vein thrombosis caused by prolonged sitting and loss of body fluids."

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Source: Egyptian Today



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