Starting today, affiliations to health, pensions and ARL can be done through a single procedure

From now on, Colombians will be able to join the health system, pensions, labor risks and compensation funds in a single electronic procedure and in a single affiliation channel. This is the Social Security Transaction System that began to be a reality in the country since Monday, according to the Ministry of Health.

“After a law, six decrees and eleven resolutions, we find that within the Single Business Window -VUE, we have been able to implement the Transactional Affiliation System, of the Social Security, that is what we are celebrating today”, indicated the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz.

This means that, from now on, all companies will be able to integrate affiliation information, and affiliate their employees to social security in the same virtual space.

According to the portfolio manager, this means that, for the first time, the four components of social security are integrated into a single transactional medium: the health system with the EPS system, labor risks, compensation funds and pensions .

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The Minister recalled that to join an EPS it was necessary to go to its offices, “now it can be done from the virtual environment, the same as for compensation funds. Thus, employers, who will be the greatest beneficiaries, will be able to enroll all their employees in an electronic environment”.

In the same way, companies will be able to make a unified report on the novelty of their employees’ relationship with the EPS and pension funds, as well as with the ARLs and Family Compensation Funds.