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Home News State calls for death penalty for 11-year-old March killing of Alabama girls

State calls for death penalty for 11-year-old March killing of Alabama girls

The prosecution says it will demand the death sentence against an Alabama man if he finds an eleven-year-old girl guilty.

Christopher Wayne Madison, 33, is in the death of Amberly Alexis Barnett, a neighbor next door who disappeared from her aunt's home in the DeKalb district where she lived on March 1st. Madison is also accused of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

While the presentation of a large panel of judges might still be a few sessions away as prosecutors await the results of court trials, Deputy Prosecutor Bob Johnston said the state has announced he will demand the strictest sentence for Barnett.

"A week or so ago, [the court] We have given ourselves 150 days to find out whether we are seeking the death penalty for capital murder or not. "

Brian White, one of Madison's two attorneys in this case, refused this week to comment on the case for the time being. Madison's other lawyer in this case is Jake Watson, as the records show.

Evidence, including blood and hair, was collected from Madison's house and the scene where the body was found. Forensic testing could take some time, officials said.

Shortly after dawn on March 2, the girl's body was arrested by sheriff Nick Welden of DeKalb County, communications director Matt Martin, Sgt. Sethe Greene, chief investigator David Davis, and a few K-9 police officers who searched the area she was last seen, said department spokesman Tyler Pruett, who helped with the search.


Alabama now has 177 inmates on death row. There are five women, four white and one black. Among the 172 men are 86 black, 84 white and two are referred to as "others". The average age of death is 34 years. In Holman prison in Atmore executions are carried out.

Source: Correction Department in Alabama

Sheriff Welden noticed a shovel standing directly behind the courtyard of Christopher Madison's residence. I followed the sheriff down a remarkable footpath that led from Madison's backyard and fanned out about 100 yards to the right of the sheriff to scan a larger area, "Pruett said in a statement.

"After walking up the road for about 150 meters, I noticed that Sheriff Welden started walking as if he had seen something, and I started to run to catch up," said Pruett. "Before he reached his location, the sheriff asked me to" wait a minute "so he could make sure it was not a" doll or something "he found."

The sheriff came close enough to confirm that it was the missing girl and to see a blue rope around her neck. Madison was then held at home to make sure he was not trying to leave, Pruett said. He was charged later that same day.

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