State Committee for National Security: Former management of KyrgyzNeftegaz detained on suspicion of corruption

The investigation also established the facts of the acquisition by the former management of KyrgyzNeftegaz of movable and immovable property in the amount of more than 300 million soms, which have now been seized.

The State Committee for National Security claims that after the change of the company’s management, the profit of KyrgyzNeftegaz increased several times. Thus, according to the State Committee, if during the reign of the detained B.R.A. for four years, the company’s profit amounted to 2.9 billion soms, then after the change of leadership over the past two years, due to the elimination of the corruption scheme, the company’s net profit amounted to more than 5.8 billion soms.

The main shareholder of KyrgyzNeftegaz is the State Property Management Fund. The company is producing in the Jalal-Abad and Osh regions, is developing other open deposits, and is conducting exploration work in the oil and gas regions of the country.

The enterprise provides gas to houses in the cities of Jalal-Abad and Kochkor-Ata, as well as a lamp plant in Mailuu-Suu. More than half of the oil produced by the enterprise is processed into fuel oil, while gasoline and diesel fuel are sold on the local market.