“State of Decay 2” test: the complex art of zombie survival on XboxOne and PC


A bit gore (the sound effects are terrible), the game is clearly intended for an adult audience. – Microsoft
State of Decay 2 offers the player to manage a survivor’s shelter.
Game of action and management, on the theme of the daily grind in apocalypse mode.
Ambitious, the game raises the question of “can we make a good game of zombies”?

It’s clearly not good to be a zombie lately in the small world of video games. The game State of Decay 2 exclusive to the Xbox One opens the ball while waiting for The Walking Dead Overkill , World War Z and others Days Gone or The Last of Us II who will emerge in a few months with their hordes of emaciated stiffs. So we drew our best baseball bat and our Xbox One controller before getting into this State of Decay 2 who smells good The Walking Dead , the TV series, not necessarily in his best episodes.

Welcome to a world ravaged by a strange plague that turns its victims into bloodthirsty creatures. Carcasses of half-burned cars clutter the roads. Houses, often looted, are abandoned.

In this vast open world, you can visit any hut or warehouse. For once, we really walk a lot. We roam between these zombies who watch for the slightest sound. Although it is possible to take some abandoned vehicles, you must also be able to find fuel. Because beyond its purely playful aspect, State of Decay 2 hides a real survival game rather demanding.

What is the use of a vehicle without gas? Look for gas stations to make a fuel inventory. – Microsoft Surviving a zombie apocalypse is clearly not a sinecure. It is understandable that some survivors declare forfeit from the beginning in many books, TV series and feature films. In State of Decay 2 First, you have to find a base (an abandoned house) that will have to be gradually developed while gathering other survivors. Survivors who will have to be fed, cared for, made to sleep and manage to live together (the disputes are frequent in the survivor bit by bit). In this context, survival quickly returns to explore the area in search of food or care to return to the base, rest and leave … It’s a bit of survival … Not always exciting.

It is possible to play State of Decay at four in cooperation and online. – Microsoft Little curiosity of the game: we can embody here any character. There is no here Rick Grimes , of heroes. We go from one to the other without getting too attached to the characters. This is also preferable because in this ruthless world, life expectancy is not crazy.

A horde of zombie infested with blood plague can eliminate your character in minutes … I admit to having had trouble after spending five hours to raise a character level before it slips into a kind of ambush Bloody … A dead character is here permanently lost. We tell you: it does not laugh, survival.

At night … we do not see much …

In addition, we learn one or two things like “avoid going out at night in a world inhabited by the undead”. It’s something you do not think about in real life. When we play here at night … we do not see much even equipped with his flashlight.

Fighting when you do not see anything creates a bit of tension but also a little annoyance. An annoyance that some game bugs accentuate like those perched zombies that seem to levitate before we fall on the apple or those closed doors that are actually open, etc.

Can we make a good game on the theme of survival?

Beyond the technical concerns of the game (average graphics, physics of vehicles a little strange, bugs of collisions, etc.) one wonders if survival can be fun when it wants to be a little realistic.

We remember Metal Gear Survive who was facing the same problem. Running after ammunition, care and food continuously to ensure the well-being of his companions of refuge turns the adventure into a succession of routines not necessarily exciting. No doubt it is realistic, but does this realism really make a video game?

In the meantime …

We understood after 8 seasons of The Walking Dead that not to pass the weapon on the left in a world invaded by zombies not being necessarily amusing but left to live oneself the adventure, one would have liked that it is a little less forbidding. We will wait for the next zombie apocalypse scheduled to see if it is good to live and survive in zombie territory and the next 2018 E3 in Los Angeles should as such deliver his batch of information.

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