State parliament in Baden-Württemberg: Andreas Stoch remains head of the SPD parliamentary group

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The SPD remains under Heidenheim’s leadership in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg: In their most recent parliamentary group meeting, the MPs unanimously confirmed Andreas Stoch in office, who thus continues to lead both the parliamentary group and the SPD state association.

“We are going into the next five years with great unity, in which we would have been willing to take on responsibility in a new government,” said Stoch: “What is important to us, however, is that we are ready for better politics for this country – also in the role of the leading opposition faction ”. He is also happy that the Heidenheim district has a voice in the state parliament that is heard, continues Stoch: “That applies to me as well as to colleague Martin Grath from the Greens.”

The third largest group

In the future state parliament, the SPD is the third largest parliamentary group. Eight newly elected members of parliament are among the 19 MPs (three women, 16 men). There are mostly new faces among Stoch’s four deputies: After the departure of former members, Dr. Dorothea Kliche-Behnke (Tübingen), Gabi Rolland (Freiburg) and Nicolas Fink (Esslingen) were newly elected, Dr. Stefan Fulst-Blei (Mannheim).

New parliamentary director

Could Andreas Stoch become a minister again?

The SPD parliamentary group is also entering the new legislative period with a new parliamentary manager: The Geislinger MP Sascha Binder, also general secretary of the state SPD, succeeds the former interior minister Reinhold Gall, who was no longer a candidate for the state parliament.

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