Statement by the police headquarters in southern Hesse on reports on chat groups and pictures

Darmstadt (ots) –

Since Friday (April 8th, 2022) there have been various reports in the media with allegations against officers of the police headquarters in southern Hesse.

A mixing of facts has led to the actual situation being presented in an undifferentiated manner. The picture mentioned in the press and partly published dates back to 2016 and is not related to chats.

The complex of proceedings, which was picked up in the media, came about as a result of a report by police officers from a department of the police headquarters to the police contact person (AdP) in January 2021. Various incidents have been reported here. These incidents were processed by the Hessian State Criminal Police Office in an investigation and submitted to the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt for a legal assessment. In the course of the comprehensive investigations, which were characterized by mutual accusations by different police officers, very different allegations had emerged. After the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt released the investigation files for inspection at the end of February of this year, the police headquarters in southern Hesse was only given access to the files at this point in time and thus had reliable knowledge of the allegations for the first time. In essence, it is about insults and slander, which are said to have had the aim of bullying individual members of the subject area who, in the eyes of the accused members, seemed unsuitable, out of the subject area. A chat group is said to have been used for this purpose, to which only selected members are said to have had access.

Immediately after examining the file released by the public prosecutor’s office, Chief of Police Bernhard Lammel took the necessary measures. This included, among other things, the release of functions, reassignments and the initiation of disciplinary proceedings. Depending on further findings, it is quite likely that further disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.

Criminal investigations are currently underway against six officers. Disciplinary proceedings were also initiated against four of them.

According to the current knowledge of the police headquarters in southern Hesse, the individual facts are as follows:

– On the one hand, six participants in a chat group are being investigated on suspicion of insult and defamation. In these chats, the term “Wolfsschanze” was also used as a place name. The main aim of the chat group is said to have been to bully individual members of the agency who, in the eyes of the accused members, seemed unsuitable, out of the agency. Members of the chat group were only certain, selected people from the agency.

– Another complex of investigations and the actual initial facts include possible bodily harm during operational training by the agency in 2019. One of the complainants and an officer are said to have suffered significant injuries during operational training, with one of the incidents also being investigated for failure to provide assistance. Whether these are accidents at work or intentional criminal offenses is currently being examined.

– A picture is said to show a suspect with a moustache made of coffee powder after a previous visit to the hairdresser. As far as we know, the picture was not published in the chat group in question. The image file is said to have been handed over to the investigators of the State Criminal Police Office during an interrogation of an official. One of the above-mentioned disciplinary proceedings was initiated against the officer who was photographed because of the suspicion of possibly right-wing misconduct.

The public prosecutor’s office is currently still investigating all of the facts. Therefore, no further details can be given about the procedures.

Police President Bernhard Lammel very much regrets what happened and will consistently punish misconduct under official law after the investigation has been completed. In addition, the previous structures of the subject area concerned will be thoroughly reviewed and realigned.

Original content from: Police Headquarters South Hesse, transmitted by news aktuell


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