Static ech health from November by 50%. Bohemia Energy adjusts its price list, EZ will probably join the election

ad eskch households increase electricity by almost fifty percent since November. Bohemia Energy has been adjusting its price upwards since 1 November (here). The company supplies electricity to almost 400,000 supply cities. Another 230 thousand supply cities supply the subsidiary of Bohemia Energy, and those health to a similar extent.

Overall, the statisc, and even a million people in R, will be affected very sharply by them.

Take a look: Electricity prices for households and Electricity prices on the stock exchange.

Soon, the electricity supplier gave health. The largest of the games, EZ, is only controlled by the state, the world prices of electricity are published most likely and after the new elections. It is a sharp number in tens of percent.

Behind the rise in electricity and gas prices for small consumers is the current energy crisis, especially in the EU. For a long time, the development of nuclear and coal-fired power plants was neglected, or it was known that renewable sources would tighten it. Now it is obvious that no. For example, because there was a lack of wind in summer this year, little electricity was produced in the wind power. This is where coal-fired power plants are being put back into operation in Europe. Wholesale gas and electricity are hitting records. Pesto does not meet demand. So the price according to the rise, to new records.

But behind the dramatic increase is the policy of the Russian gas giant Gazprom, which is controlled by the Kremlin. This year, the company dreamed of deliveries to Europe. The expert said that he did so in order to achieve the fast and full-fledged commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which was recently completed and which will lead the gas from Russia directly to Germany.

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Luke Kovanda, Ph.D.

Nrodn ekonomick rada vldy (NERV)

Chief Economist, Trinity Bank

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