Steam Deck contains Windows audio drivers

Thank you for reading the news about technology: Report: Steam Deck contains Windows audio drivers and now with the details

Cairo – Samia Sayed – After two and a half months of reviewing the Steam Deck, Valve finally introduced the drivers you’ll need for audio if you choose to install Windows on your portable gaming device.

And you had to pair Bluetooth headphones or connect USB-C earbuds or a dongle to get any kind of sound on Windows at all. The speakers and the 3.5mm jack didn’t do anything on Windows, and he blamed AMD for the delay.

According to The Verege, this pair of new drivers should enable both of the missing audio features. It took a while for AMD and Valve to get the initial set of graphics, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SD drivers out for Windows as well.

If you open Steam Deck please be careful:

Remove your SD card first.

Use soft plastic screws, not screwdrivers.

Drain the battery before opening and pull out the battery connector once it is open.

Do not over-tighten the bolt when closing again.

The report advises waiting for Valve’s upcoming dual boot wizard so you can add Windows without first clearing your SteamOS installation in the Steam Deck. (You can simply swap the M.2 NVMe drive instead and keep the two operating systems separate this way.