steeple quarrels at the cathedral

INVESTIGATION – The sum allocated to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame – nearly 1 billion euros – has given rise to ambitions, calculations and rivalries. Consequence of these conflicts unknown to the general public: several questions about the future of the cathedral remain unanswered.

“They dream of having a plaque in their name on a facade of Notre-Dame”, “They are eyeing the Legion of Honor, class of 2024”. Thus fuse the little phrases in the shade of the laughing gargoyles of the Parisian cathedral. Behind the scenes of an extraordinary shipyard, which should celebrate the excellence of French know-how and French creative genius, there are many good intentions, but often doubled by egotistical ambitions.

“Someone has to whistle the end of recess”, begs a leading observer, who describes the atmosphere of rivalry and suspicion that hovers over the reconstruction of the building carried out at full speed thanks to the influx of nearly 1 billion euros. For how can such a project be protected from quarrels, covetousness and vanity? The creation of an ad hoc public establishment (EP), decided the day after the tragedy and materialized six months later, carried a noble ambition, embodied by the installation at its direction of a 5-star general, free from corporatism…

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