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Stefano Cucchi, the testimony of the German carabiniere: he was kicked in the face

The trial for the death of Stefano Cucchi is the day of the testimony of Francesco Tedesco, one of the three defendants – with Alessio Di Bernardo and Raffaele D’Alessandro – for unintentional murder that a few months ago confessed to the violent beating against Cucchi. "I apologize to the Cucchi family and to the officers of the penitentiary police, charged with the first trial. For me these years have been an insurmountable wall, "he said in the courtroom at the beginning of his interrogation. Then German begins to tell what happened on the night of Cucchi's arrest, on October 15th 2009, in the barracks of the Compagnia Casilina, answering the questions: «At the photo gallery, Cucchi refused to take the footprints: we left the room and the bickering with Alessio Di Bernardo he continued. At one point Di Bernardo gave Stefano a violent slap, then, "Cucchi fell to the ground, beating his head and Raffaele D'Alessandro kicked him in the face."

The letter

Tedesco also responds by making a false statement in the compilation of the Cucchi arrest report and slander with Marshal Roberto Mandolini, at the time of the incident at the head of the Appia station, where the arrest was carried out. Before the hearing, a letter was released by the general commander of the Carabinieri, Giovanni Nistri, which marks a radical change in attitude towards the trial. "The time has come. He was there (referring to the deposition of Tedesco ed.) and finally he can tell ». He wrote, Monday, Ilaria Cucchi in a post on his Facebook profile. "The embrace of the weapon reaches us hot and finally reassuring today. General Nistri is close to us and does not fail to let us know that his pain is ours, that our battle for truth is also his. "Delivering German would have been a mistake." The Weapon will not remain a spectator towards the misleaders. The judges now have courage and responsibility and acquire those documents of embarrassing truths which are now only feared by today's defendants ».

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