The fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, which spoiled relations with Chinese consumers, tried to make amends and again made a mistake. This was noticed by the administrators of the Instagram account of Diet Prada, in which curiosities from the world of fashion are published.

Diet Prada has a collage of a screenshot in which designer Stefano Gabbana calls China a dirty, stinking mafia, and photos of things from the new collection of his brand. This is a bright yellow t-shirt with a picture of a pig holding hoofs and the money that Dolce & Gabbana issued in honor of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig).

However, users of the social network rushed to criticize Gabbana, finding that with the help of a t-shirt print, the designer hints that the Chinese are “rich pigs”.

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00:01December 18, 2018

“This is really disgusting. New Year is the most important holiday for all Chinese. I hate to see it on such a special day. Racists like him need to be punished, ”they got angry.

“In the Year of the Pig, we understood who the pig of the year was,” others said.

“How he manages to remain so unprofessional, insulting the whole culture,” some were indignant.

"To top it all off, this is the most lazy and uninteresting graphic design," the users criticized the designer.

In November 2018, the Chinese Culture Board canceled the show of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana in Shanghai because of Gabbala’s extravagant behavior. A few days before, a designer’s personal correspondence with the Instagram user appeared in the network, in which he called China “the land of crap” and the Chinese “ignorant, dirty, stinking mafia.

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