It started with teddy bears - now Steiff sells clothing and soon even furniture.

It started with teddy bears – now Steiff sells clothing and soon even furniture.(Photo: picture alliance / Stefan Puchne)

Sunday, 04. November 2018

It has already worked with the sale of children's clothes. Now stuffed animal company Steiff wants to bring another product group on the market: children's furniture. However, the advance into new segments is not yet over.

The toy manufacturer Steiff, known for its cuddly toys, will also be selling furniture in the future. "In 2019 there will be Steiff nursery and nursery rooms", said the managing director of Steiff Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Peter Hotz, the "Welt am Sonntag". At the start, the range includes a cot, a wardrobe, a sideboard and a baby changing table with a soft headboard in teddy-look.

"The fashion business is called Steiff, we've proved that," Hotz told the newspaper, "and I really like furniture because it keeps us close to the kid." East Westphalian company made corrugated furniture.

Hotz was basically open to expand into other product groups. "Of course, we constantly look around the market," he told the newspaper. But there are also limits: "I can not imagine electronics with a Steiff logo at the moment."

For estimates, according to which already 40 percent of the toy spending in Germany flow into digitized products, Hotz said: "Then we cover just the remaining 60 percent." With a tablet computer or a smartphone, children could not cuddle, "with the teddy already, and he hears a child better than Siri," said Hotz with reference to the digital voice assistant from Apple.

New shops are to follow

In sales, Steiff is increasingly turning to its own stores. There are already 20 such stores in Germany, and Steiff is also represented in major European cities such as Vienna, Zurich and Paris. "We want to further expand this type of distribution," announced Hotz.

In addition, Steiff also specifically addresses drugstores and booksellers as distribution partners in order to be present in the city centers and to be perceived by customers. "In addition, furniture stores are a new target group for us and, of course, the online trade," said Hotz. Self-service department stores and discounters, on the other hand, would be out of the question as a point of sale. "There are some requests, but we still see ourselves as a premium product that does not belong in a mesh basket."





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