Steinmeier in Duisburg-Marxloh: “Challenges are huge “

Steinmeier in Duisburg-Marxloh: “Challenges are
 huge “

S is longer Duisburg-Marxloh as a synonym for a problem area. High unemployment, problems with crime and neglected real estate shaped the picture. Also for this reason got the district high visit: from Frank-Walter Steinmeier , the Federal President. The praised now the use of citizens and city for better living conditions in the district characterized by strong immigration. “Of course, the challenges are huge,” said Steinmeier on Tuesday after talks with citizens, city officials and business people. “But in this part of the city you can see how much has already been accomplished, how much people are trying to live up to these challenges.” Steinmeier cited as an example the private efforts of citizens to involve immigrants in city life. “And we also see it in an urban policy that is very concerned about this part of the city.” also read In Marxloh live mostly foreigners, including many Bulgarians and Romanians. The city speaks of poverty immigrants, who often live in dilapidated houses. Steinmeier stopped on a tour in front of such a “scrap property”, which was already closed by the city, and could explain the situation. In these dilapidated landlords bring landlords again and again immigrants. Therefore, the city of Duisburg had set up a “Task Force Problemimmobilien”, which halved the number of these houses in recent years to 53. According to the city, the task force wants to provide better living space for the people living there. “Problems strike hard on the municipal level” Steinmeier spoke in this context of a “responsibility of all levels of government”. “Problems are strikingly hard at the local level.” That is why it always comes back to support from the local and state governments. Steinmeier also visited one primary school where 95 percent of children have a migrant background. He was impressed by the work of the school team, which in some classes meets 14 different nationalities. He was also welcomed by NRW Minister of Integration Joachim Stamp (FDP) and Duisburg Lord Mayor Sören Link (SPD). also read The Federal President also spoke with the operator of a Turkish bridal shop. On the sidelines of this visit, the police seized a man who had berated Steinmeier. The tour was also accompanied by protests against the Turkish military mission in northern Syria. The two-day program will end in the evening with a citizen reception in Arnsberg. Steinmeier was accompanied by his wife Elke Büdenbender as on the previous day. With his two-day stay in NRW, the Federal President is catching up with his inaugural visit, which was originally planned for last year. This was then postponed because of the failure of the exploratory talks on a Jamaican coalition in Berlin.

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