Steirish Cream “Cold Brew” – Farm Shop

Irish Cream made from local Styrian ingredients. So take Cold Brew Steirer coffee from the Lupine and rock whiskey from the Dachstein.

Steirer coffee from the Grazer Feld and whiskey from the Dachstein on ice. ©Andrea Knura

The magic word for coffee lovers in summer? Coldbrew. Coffee is prepared with cold water and an extraction time of at least twelve hours. It contains about 70% less acids and bitter substances than coffee that was brewed with hot water and tastes really fruity and refreshing. You can also do this with the Steirer coffee from the lupine. Normally, 1 liter of water is used for 100 g of coffee. With Steirer coffee, there can be a little less water so that the fine taste comes out really well. The second important ingredient in a coffee cream liqueur is whiskey. For our Steirish Cream, this comes from the Dachstein from the Mandlberggut in Radstadt, which is almost in Styria anyway.

Styrian coffee is free from gluten, caffeine and caffeic acid and is very digestible. So ideal for all real coffee drinkers who like to enjoy a “coffee” in between. Another argument for lupine coffee is that it is a regional product. But the most important thing: It tastes really good, especially as a cold brew now in summer. How the Steirer coffee is made can be experienced live “Ab Hof” by Johann Krois in his roastery in Feldkirchen near Graz.

Steirish Cream

2 glasses

  • 5 EL Steirerkaffee Cold Brew
  • 40 g icing sugar
  • vanilla sugar
  • 5g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 250 ml whipped cream
  • 100 ml Whisky


  1. For the Cold Brew Steirer coffee, pour 700 ml of cold water over 100 g of coffee. Stir and leave covered in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Strain through a coffee filter.
  2. Mix the sugar, vanilla sugar and cocoa powder with the coffee.
  3. Boil whipped cream. Take the pot off the stove. Stir in the coffee-cocoa mixture with a whisk and leave to cool.
  4. Add the whiskey and mix in briefly with the whisk or hand blender.
  5. Serve over ice.

Tip: If you make the Steirish Cream in advance, simply fill it into a clean bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Even more ideas with Cold Brew Steirer coffee

Non-alcoholic gin and tonic coffee

2 glasses

  • 70 ml Gino (non-alcoholic gin)
  • 20 ml Cold Brew Steirerkaffee
  • Tonic
  • slice of lemon
  • ice cubes

Put ice cubes in a glass. First the gin, because put in the cold brew coffee. Top up with tonic and serve with lemon and lemon zest.