Stellantis launches breast cancer awareness campaign – Carnews

– Stellantis México started a campaign month focused on the importance of early detection, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

– The campaign includes a series of online activities focused on the prevention of this disease.

– The Company has raised pink flags at the corporate headquarters, and the Plants located in Coahuila and in the State of Mexico light up pink at night.

Stellantis México launches a campaign during the month of October to join the national effort to raise awareness about the importance of early detection, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

This initiative began the first week of October in what is projected to be a permanent crusade in order to prevent deaths from this disease.

During the month, the Company will offer collaborators a series of distance informative talks with the support of various institutions, as well as sports and wellness activities that help improve people’s habits.

Also with the support of our Foundation, FUCAM and FIAT, a series of informative images were created on the subject, reinforcing the importance of preventive care.

Since the beginning of the month, pink flags have been raised at the Stellantis México Corporate Building and the Plants located in the State of Mexico and Coahuila are illuminated in pink at night. In addition, the pink ribbon, which is the international symbol used to raise awareness about this condition, has been included both in corporate social networks and in the signatures of collaborators.

According to data from INEGI1, breast cancer is the main cause of hospital discharge due to malignant tumors.

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With initiatives like these, Stellantis México reaffirms its commitment to promote and support the health of its employees and their families and the community in general.