Steny Hoyer is optimistic that there will be a project to regulate a plebiscite in Puerto Rico

Washington D.C. – The leader of the Democratic majority of the United States House of Representatives, Steny Hoyerreaffirmed today, Wednesday, that the intention of the draft legislation that seeks to regulate a plebiscite in Puerto Rico is to guarantee access to United States citizenship for Puerto Ricans born in a first pact of free association.

“According to the draft legislation, that’s the way it is”said Hoyer, elected by a district of Maryland, when he was mentioned one of the points that still cause controversy in the conversations aimed at presenting a bill that promotes calling a federal plebiscite, binding on the federal government, between statehood, independence and free association.

When asked about The new day During his weekly news conference, Hoyer said he is still confident a deal will be struck to introduce a bill this week.

Hoyer raised the possibility that the Natural Resources Committee could vote on a measure next week, although the House will be in recess. But, the office of the chairman of the Natural Resources Committee confirmed that Raúl Grijalva (Arizona) will be traveling next week.

Hoyer himself had warned that he did not want to speak on behalf of Grijalva.

In fact, according to sources, the negotiations did not advance during the long weekend, which coincided with a recess in the work of the House of Representatives.

The Senate – where advancing a project in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico has been ruled out – does not have the issue on the agenda.

Hoyer, however, struck an optimistic tone. “I still hope that by the end of this week we will have an agreement that allows us to move forward. I don’t want to speak for (Grijalva), but next week is committee work week. We have time to bring that to committee and approve it.” Hoyer said.

Although he considered that the issue had returned to Grijalva, Hoyer intervened in the talks again last week, at a time when Democratic congresswomen Nydia Velázquez and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, elected by New York districts, have proposed specifying the language on the access to United States citizenship of the children of United States citizens born in a first pact of free association between Puerto Rico and the United States.

Hoyer and Grijalva met with Velázquez and Ocasio Cortez last Wednesday to discuss the interest of both congresswomen in clarifying the language to guarantee the intention that the leader of the House majority has even expressed.

One of the sections of the legislation refers to access to US citizenship in a first pact of free association of the children of “two” US citizens.

Velázquez, Ocasio Cortez and Grijalva also agree that the legislation must recognize the importance of the Spanish language in the identity of Puerto Rico.

On May 19, Hoyer led the presentation of a draft legislation that represents a consensus between Velázquez and Ocasio Cortez (proponents of bill 2070 that promotes going to a Status Convention first) and the Puerto Rican Democrat Darren Soto (Florida) and the Resident Commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, Republican, who are the main authors of measure 1522 in favor of a federal referendum on statehood yes or no.

Soto – who had meetings last week with Hoyer and Grijalva – said today that the talks continue Congressman Soto has indicated that if it were up to him to draft the legislation, it would be presented, without changes, as a bill, and it would be considered in a voting session before the end of June.

Since November 2021, Hoyer has promoted an agreement between the proponents of the two projects presented in 2021 on political status, given the fact that neither of these measures was going to be approved in the plenary session of the United States House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives – where the Democratic majority at the moment is 220 to 2010 – is scheduled to adjourn on Friday until July 12.