Stéphane Bern criticized: “Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron do not have never let me go


In September 2017, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron charged Stéphane Bern an important mission: to establish a list of monuments in danger and to identify the unknown treasures of French heritage. After being the subject of criticism, the famous animator has resumed the hair of the beast. He confided to Parisian .

At a time when the Stéphane Bern Foundation presents its awards for the year 2017 (the Association of Castles of Alsace is the winner of this edition, the book History of the STO Raphael Spina has won the Prix Histoire 2017), the presenter makes a first assessment of its function. The 54-year-old has already achieved great victories such as the adoption by Parliament in December of the Loto project for heritage that will help fund a French heritage at risk. No less than 2,000 files have already been submitted!
But he does not hide that for a while, coping with criticism has been difficult. One remembers, in particular, that concerning the introduction of a right of entry into churches. ” When you are appointed by the head of state, you will necessarily take the full face … “And when the journalist asks him if he has the impression to make mistakes, Stéphane Bern retorts:” That of being too naive. Frankly, I did not expect these attacks on my legitimacy, I was not prepared. “In any case, he can count on the support of the Macron couple.” I received calls or text messages from him or his wife. They never let me go “he says.


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