Stephen Colbert says it won’t be sold to Mike Bloomberg. It is not free, anyway.

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This endless season of The next biggest democrat in the United States Just keep running, and taking the runway this week was Joe Biden.

Biden told the story of being arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison, a compelling story that would be much more convincing if it were true. How Late show Host Stephen Colbert points out that the presidential candidate simply separated from his party at the airport, although the event seems to have stayed with him in later decades.

“Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years, but once I lost sight of my co-workers in the Delta terminal, so I understand,” Colbert said, posing as Biden.

Biden is also not the only Democrat whose campaign is resorting to some questionable tactics. Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has hired a former television executive to include his campaign points in monologues of night shows, including Colbert’s. And unlike its expensive carpet bombardment of almost any other aspect of the media landscape, Bloomberg doesn’t want to pay it either.

“As an early comedian, I would never change my content around a person or brand for free,” Colbert said. “That would be a betrayal of all the brands that pay me.”



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