Stephen M’Passi’s 5 tips for a successful Stride of Chartres Cathedral

Essential warm-up. “To have a satisfying race, a warm-up is essential. One hour before departure, it is recommended to make straight lines and to decorate them with so-called “dynamic” scales: knee lifts, heels-buttocks, straight legs, not chased. Everything you need to wake up your body. »

Bring a spare T-shirt. “It’s the mistake not to make: not planning a spare after warming up. Starting a 10 km in sweat and potentially cold, the temperatures are not expected to be very mild, can be very damaging”.

The Strides route: a tradition

Drink yes, eat no. “For a distance that remains relatively short, even for a novice, drinking during the event is superfluous: at most rinsing your mouth. Same for food. Eating an energy bar before departure is relevant, not after. Except in case of big cravings. »

Manage your look. “Particularly at the start, knowing how to control your pace is essential. On an effort that can last beyond an hour, the initial pace necessarily conditions the rest. »

Instant recovery. “30 to 40 minutes after the effort, it is recommended to do a short recovery jog at a reduced pace. A stretching session can also be considered the next day…”

D. B.