Sterling plans to leave Chelsea to sign for Arsenal

He Manchester City closed the sale of Raheem Sterling after several months of uncertainty. The British winger was not included in the plans of Pep Guardiola and decided to venture into a new stage of his career. The signing of him was disputed by numerous clubs, but finally it was the Chelsea who managed to get his incorporation. However, the season for Sterling is not going as expected at first.

Leaving aside the problems of the frame of Graham Potter, the truth is that Sterling loses more and more prominence. His injury and the arrival of several additions to the British team are displacing him from the starting eleven, something that, according to what they say from Daily Mail, could cause the departure of the ex from City. According to the aforementioned media, the Arsenal wants to take advantage of the situation and complete his signing, as he tried last summer, since Arteta he believes that he will help raise the level of the London team.