World Steve Price calls Jacinda Ardern "that woman"

Steve Price calls Jacinda Ardern “that woman”


Steve Price has issued an apology for Jacinda Ardern after Twitter unleashed fury against the controversial broadcaster Tuesday night.

It occurs after he let his mouth escape when he compares the family vacations of the New Zealand Prime Minister to Australia with the infamous December trip of Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Hawaii in the midst of the national forest fire crisis, in a disconcerting argument.

“She should be in her own country and spend money in her own place,” he growled.

“Signaling virtue typical of Ardern. I get tired and tired of that woman! “, He said, which caused viewers to call him” sexist. “

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Although Pricey was absent from the panel tonight, she phoned to apologize for her comments towards the end of the program.

Presenter Lisa Wilkinson, admitting that she was “shocked” by the comments, began by asking if she regretted her speech.

“Yes,” Price began.

“Thank you for letting me come back tonight and apologize to Jacinda Ardern. What I said was a lack of respect for her as a woman and, more importantly, it was also a lack of respect for the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, our closest ally. She has every right to be here in Australia and what I said last night was silly, ”he acknowledged.

“Do you feel it for the great reaction in the last 24 hours, or do you really mean that because I think people were particularly offended that you called her” that woman “and talked about gender,” Wilkinson asked.

“I think you know me long enough to be honest about things,” he told the panel.

“I came home last night, I watched and thought again and thought I was wrong to do so. If I’m wrong, I have it. I made a mistake last night, a fool, and I’m here to apologize. “

He also assured the panel that “he is not a skeptic or denier of climate change” after several comments he made about the forest fire crisis last night.

I am someone open to debate about this, “he said.

His apology comes after commenting on a story about Jacinda Ardern’s vacations in Queensland that may boost tourism after the wildfires to Australia, criticizing the measure apparently for no reason other than expressing his disdain for the New Prime Minister Zeeland

“Why isn’t he on vacation in New Zealand?” Asked confused co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Peter van Onselen.

“If you can criticize Scott Morrison by going to Hawaii, why isn’t he in Hamilton or Canterbury? What are you doing around Australia? ”Said the panelist with a frown.

“He should be in his own country and spend money in his own place. Signaling virtue typical of Ardern. I get tired and tired of that woman! “, He claimed.

“It could be a PM exchange program. We could always cross our fingers, ”hostess Lisa Wilkinson joked, trying to keep the peace.

Meanwhile, van Onselen was not so forgiving.

“Nobody says that prime ministers cannot travel abroad,” he said, laughing.

But Price continued to insist: “Wait, if you’re going to criticize Scott Morrison by going to Hawaii instead of going to the south coast of New South Wales, why not criticize her?”

“Your country is not on fire, friend,” Van Onselen snapped.

There was a tense exchange between the two while the remaining panelists watched awkwardly.

“So?” Pricey said.

“What do you mean like that?” Van Onselen replied.

“I should be in New Zealand spending money there.”

Helliar, tried again to lighten the mood, joking: “They are allowed to leave the country, Pricey.”

But stuck to his weapons, Pricey continued to defend Morrison and attack Ardern, which caused Wilkinson to explain that the nation’s uproar after Morrison’s vacations in Hawaii had to do with “the time and the fact that he hid it of the public. “

“I’m getting tired of Jacinda Ardern not being wrong,” Pricey concluded, clearly defeated by her colleagues.

On Twitter, viewers rushed to say that he criticized Ms. Ardern as misogyny.

Others asked to be removed from the program.

The project is transmitted from Sunday to Friday from 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.



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