Stian «Staysman» Thorbjørnsen: – Do not know if it is embarrassing or sad

For many, Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen (40) is the king of rølp, and his concerts oozes party atmosphere and beer.

Urgent wedding after the bad times?

Therefore, the star probably surprised many when he chose to perform completely sober at Spydeberg Rockfestival in May, which became his very first concert without a drop of alcohol in his blood.

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Water in the beer can

During an interview with “P3-Morgen” earlier this month, the “A well-baked pizza” singer explained why he chose to make the untraditional choice.

The Duchess's children with infrequent behavior

The Duchess’s children with infrequent behavior

– I had to get an answer, for myself, if I could play a concert without touching anything (alcohol. Journal, note), he explained at the time to host Adelina Ibishi (30).

It must be said, do not know if it is embarrassing or sad: I had a beer on stage, but in the beer can there was water.

NERVE WRECKING: Stian Thorbjørnsen had never thought he would be allowed to join the program. Photo: Kristian Ridder-Nielsen / Dagbladet
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When See and Hear meets the artist at NRK’s ​​autumn launch this week, where he is current with the new TV series «The Curse», the artist admits that he did not notice the lack of alcohol during the «sober concert».

Selling the house after the divorce

Selling the house after the divorce

– I did not miss it at all! There was enough intoxication to stand on the stage. That’s what’s delicious, you get that kick anyway.

– Did it taste better?

– It can do it quickly. I’m turned 40, it’s not just-just taking a hard shot. I’m not 38 anymore, he says jokingly.

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The 40-year-old nevertheless emphasizes that one should not have expectations that from now on he will take the stage sober at every concert.

– It ends up that when I go out for walks I become the health directorate’s face outwards, I can not bear to be the abstinence association’s face outwards. I’m not abstinent yet!

New job: - A big dream

New job: – A big dream

– Then you are yeast!

“Staysman” also surprised fans in January, when he chose to perform a “white month”, ie a whole month without drinking alcohol.

– I cheated a bit then, because I have had the kids almost all of January. I do not drink with my kids. I had one day without kids, then fourteen days had passed, and then I noticed the craving right away. Then I do not have them to focus on, Thorbjørnsen admitted with a laugh to See and Hear at the time.

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To curb abstinence, the 40-year-old had to find joy in something else: shopping.

The star shared that his home could soon be confused with the apartment of the influential twins Vita and Wanda (29), after going bananas in the interior design shops in Fredrikstad.

– I bought candles for a thousand bucks. Then you are the yeast!

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