Štíbrová and Pártlová showed perfect synchronization: Childbirth and harmonized flowers!

Martina Pártlová and Nikol Štíbrová are inseparable friends, as evidenced by their perfectly planned joint birth. The new mothers even got a common room and sweetened the bouquets when they left the maternity hospital!

Martina Pártlová and Nikol Štíbrová are really well-coordinated friends. The new mothers managed to conceive on the same day and scheduled the due date for one date, as they were both waiting for a caesarean section.

Štíbrová and Pártlová then even shared the same room in the maternity hospital. Štíbrová had a second son, Tobias, and Pártlová became a mother for the first time, giving birth to her daughter Stella.

The 3in1 stars also left the gates of the Prague maternity hospital near Apolinář together. The fathers of the children, Josef Vařeka and Petr Leitgeb, also agreed on the choice of flowers for their beloved wives!

Štíbrová and Pártlová showed a perfect interplay

“Stella. Dad, you were brave. I’m proud of you, I’m so happy.

“Tobias,” Štíbrová wrote only the name of her younger son and attached a photo from the delivery room, which included her husband Petr Leitgeb.

After a few days, the two fresh mothers went to their homes and there was an incredible interplay again!

New mothers received almost identical bouquets from their husbands

“Friends, we will bring you the medals. The wolf ate, Hood stayed whole. Thank you for the beautiful congratulations. I also want to thank everyone who takes care of mothers and their babies at Apolinar… you do the work, “Martina Pártlová shared on her Instagram together with pictures from the family album with Josef Vařeka.

Nikol Štíbrová’s husband, Petr Leitgeb, also shared a “departure” photo with the fans. He wrote only the caption: “Father’s Day 2021.”

Josef Vařeka evidently agreed with his second new father, Petr Leitgeb, as they both brought their dear halves almost the same flower puddles. The only difference was in the color, Pártlová got pink flowers, while Štíbrová got blue. All that remains is to wish the girls and their families good health, and hopefully an inseparable friendship will last for years to come.

Martina Pártlová was broadcasting a few days before the birth.