still as many cases in Lyon, Omicron now represents 97% of contamination in the Rhône


In Lyon, the virus continues to circulate a lot currently. The Rhône is even the department of France where the virus is currently circulating the most. The Omicron variant now accounts for almost all cases.

The Rhône is the department of France where covid-19 is currently circulating the most, while record numbers of contaminations were beaten in the country on Tuesday January 18 and Wednesday January 19, with more than 400,000 contaminations in 24 hours.

The circulation of the virus at time t on a territory is measured in particular thanks to the incidence rate. It is a key indicator. The incidence rate determines the number of positive cases over the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. Over a rolling week. It is a very good way to measure the degree of circulation of the virus, at a given moment, in a territory. The incidence rate has crossed the 4000 mark in the Rhône and is now 4180 according to the latest figures stabilized on Sunday January 16, 2022. This takes into account the rolling week from Monday January 10 to Sunday January 16. And it will therefore increase further as the number of cases was very high on the 18th and 19th in particular. The graph below clearly shows the explosion of cases in the Rhône department.

The evolution of the incidence rate in the Rhône department (red curve).
Source: Public Health France

In the Rhône, Omicron now represents 97% of contamination, the previous Delta variant more than 3%. A much more contagious Omicron variant, which has therefore taken over Delta, but Omicron also causes far fewer serious forms, in particular with regard to resuscitation entries.


Jean-Yves Grall, the director of ARS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, was on the set of Lyon Capital for an update on the Omicron wave in the region on Tuesday January 11:

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