Still Corruption, Get Out!


PDIP chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri gave a stern warning to all its cadres not to be involved in corruption. He asked PDIP cadres who are still involved in corruption to leave the party.

Megawati’s stern warning was displayed by PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto in a video when he gave a speech at the Smart Politics with Integrated Integrity (PCB) activity at the ACLC KPK Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (27/6/2022).

“How ashamed you are, your whole life here has been tarnished, your wife and children, don’t you feel sorry? Don’t you feel sorry for your descendants? I said no corruption, there is still corruption. get out! Get out! Instead of destroying our party,” said Megawati.

“Whoever did that (corruption), fire him! Get him out of the PDI-P!” Megawati continued.

Back to Hasto. He said PDIP has various internal programs to prevent corruption.

“Political education, PDIP leadership regeneration is carried out to produce statesmen with high moral and ethical standards, therefore every candidate for party administrators, regional heads, and members of the legislature must take psychological tests and party schools,” he said.

The second program is integrity building. PDIP requires its cadres to report their assets.

“PDIP has built a system to maintain integrity by drafting a set of regulations, including the obligation of party leaders to report party assets to the general chairman, sanctions for dismissal for party members and cadres caught by the KPK,” he said.

He said PDIP also conducted a strict selection of its cadres. PDI-P cadres who had the status of suspects were not given permission to take part in the election.

“The selection process is strict for assigning party cadres so that those with the status of corruption suspects cannot be nominated as candidates for regional heads, deputy regional heads, and members of the legislature,” he said.

He also said that PDIP was trying to fight nepotism in the nomination of regional heads and members of the legislature in the same family. Second, PDIP cadres may not be in the same level and region in the election.

“PDIP limits the nomination of regional heads and members of the legislature in one family to a maximum of two people who can be nominated and may not be in the same level and in the same electoral district,” he said.

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