‘Still don’t understand how we could let Butler go’ says Joel Embiid – Basketball

Philadelphia Jazz center Joel Embiid has admitted he regrets trading defenseman Jimmy Butler to Miami in 2019.

Butler was the star of the second-round series that saw the Heat advance to the East finals in six games.

“As I said, I’m happy for Jimmy … I would like to see him as my teammate … I still don’t understand how we could let him go. I would prefer that he stay.

We need to keep building the team, keep working,” Embiid said.

Butler and Embiid’s Philadelphia finished the regular season 51-31 and lost in the 2019 playoffs only to eventual champion Toronto in the second round when Kawhi Leonard hit a buzzer at the end of Game 7.

The 66ers then decided to part ways with the quarterback. Butler and Embiid spent only one season together.

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