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Still fewer press cards in France

Every year, the Professional Journalists ID Card Commission (CCIJP) awards (or not, according to its criteria) the famous press card to journalists working for the French media. The statistics on the "promotion 2018" tell us that it was 35,297 inserts, but also some other information about a profession not always well known.

More men (but less than before) than women

It has been a constant for many years: there are more male journalists than women. In 2018, 18,687 press cards were awarded to men, about 2,000 more than women. A discrepancy tempered by newcomers to the profession, who are rather newcomers – nearly 55% of first applications validated in 2018 were for women (975 against 813 men). Logical consequence: the gap between the number of male and female journalists is narrowing. Ten years ago, the first accounted for 55.6% of press cards, against 44.4% for the second. Today, the ratio is rather at 52.8-47.2.

Fewer journalists … for now?

A reduction in the gap that can not be explained by an increase in press cards attributed to women: their total has been around 16,500 for ten years. It is actually the male numbers that fall, and with them the total number of journalists inset. Of the 37,841 journalists holding the press card in 2009, the figure fell to 35,297 in 2018, a decrease of almost 7% in the number of men (and more than 11% of the male contingent). Nevertheless, the CCIJP insists that the first applications start up again for two years. Fallen from about 2,000 in 2009 to 1,500 seven years later, they have risen to 1,788 last year.

A Parisian profession

Finally, the last teaching of statistics provided by the CCIJP is the very high concentration of journalists in Paris, where are located the seats of all the national media, print, radio or TV. Of the 35,297 journalists inscribed in 2018, 20,114 were working in Ile-de-France, an overwhelming proportion of 57% of press cards. The remaining 43% is scattered all over the country, especially in Brittany (more than 1,200 maps) and around Lyon (a big thousand) or in Aquitaine and the Pays-de-la-Loire (just under 1 000).

Baptiste Bouthier



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