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Original title: Exciting!The final round of the Premier League’s fierce battle for the championship, four fights and six relegation suspense are all revealed

On May 20, Beijing time, in the three supplementary matches of the Premier League, the two teams that were hovering in the relegation zone both scored 1 point. Among them, Everton made two chases three 3-2 to reverse Crystal Palace and completed the relegation one round ahead of schedule. , Burnley drew 1-1 with Aston Villa, and currently has the same score as Leeds United with 35 points. This weekend, the Premier League will usher in the last round of competition. In addition to the relegation battle, the suspense of the championship, fourth and sixth competition will also be finally revealed.

【Championship group】

Defending champions Manchester City are one point ahead of Liverpool in the current Premier League standings, with both teams hoping to win the Premier League title this season. In the final round of the league, Manchester City played against Aston Villa led by Gerrard, and Liverpool played against Wolves.

【Four groups】

After Arsenal’s 2-0 loss to Newcastle United, Chelsea have already locked in their Champions League qualification for next season. Chelsea are currently 3 points ahead of the fourth-placed Tottenham, but the goal difference is 18 more than the opponent, so the Blues have basically determined the third place in the Premier League this season. Tottenham are 2 points ahead of Arsenal in fourth place, and the White Lily has 15 more goals than the Gunners. In the final round of the league, Arsenal played against Everton, who had just been relegated, and Tottenham played away to Norwich, who had been relegated.

【Competition for six groups】

The top five teams in the Premier League this season have been determined, namely Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal (in no particular order). The gap between Manchester United (58), currently sixth, and West Ham (56), which are seventh, is just two points away. In the final round of the league, Manchester United played against Crystal Palace away, and West Ham United played against Brighton away. The Hammers still have the possibility of surpassing the Red Devils to qualify for the Europa League next season.

【Relegation group】

Norwich and Watford have been relegated in advance, and the last relegation spot will be between Burnley and Leeds United. At present, Burnley and Leeds have 35 points together, Burnley’s goal difference is -18, and Leeds is -38. In the final round, Burnley played against Newcastle at home and Leeds United against Brentford.

It is worth mentioning that the final round of the Premier League will start at 23:00 on May 22, Beijing time at the same time.

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