World famous musician Sting believes that the time for writing a new version of the song for Russians has not yet come. This Briton said during a press conference in Yekaterinburg, where he arrived to perform a concert
– The song was written when I was young. She is about humanism. Now relations between Russia and the West are not the best, but the time for such a song has not yet come. At least, if it is written, it will not be tomorrow, ”said Sting in the capital of the Urals.
The author of the hit Russians added that he has a positive attitude to Russian culture, is ready to rehearse playing the balalaika and can sing Kalinka Malinka.
Earlier, Channel Five reported on Sting’s desire to dismantle all the VIP zones at his Russian concerts to create a more democratic atmosphere.
In addition to Ekaterinburg, the 66-year-old musician planned to perform in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan.
The words of the song of Russians recorded in 1984 are devoted to the situation in the world during the Cold War. Sting in it expressed the hope that humanity will not start a destructive war and will be able to find a peaceful way out to resolve all disputes. .


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