Stinks, in Caronno with the windows closed: health fears

A problem arises again in Caronno that recurs especially in the heat: the stinks caused by some companies in the area. “It is not just a problem of olfactory discomfort: we fear for our health”. They are all worried, along the axis of the old Varesina as in the central streets of Caronno and Pertusella, where bad smells have reappeared insistently for days. “Where do they come from?”, The inhabitants ask, questioning each other.

Stinks in Caronno: forced to keep the windows closed

People are exasperated: there are certain times of the day when it is necessary to keep the windows closed. A problem that seems unsolvable, that of the miasmas that do not give respite intermittently, generating discontent also because health repercussions are feared: the smell is described as coming from chemical companies, very intense and persistent (sometimes even for two or three days). Just like the stench felt on the border with Cascina Colombara in Saronno, where the complaints were concentrated a few years ago: at the time the responsible company had been identified, which had collaborated fully by modifying the filtering systems. If here the problem has been solved, today it has moved instead along the Varesina, where the responsibility of the miasmas remains a mystery.

Stinks in Caronno: the monitoring of the Polytechnic has stalled

Unfortunately, the initiative to activate stench monitoring with the Politecnico di Milano, involving citizens, ran aground. There were all intentions to carry it out, but then the pandemic compromised everything. The ARPA could play a decisive role in the near future (the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection), which in the past has already been involved by the Municipality on the problem. The idea, as per the electoral program of the city government list, is to involve it in a monitoring project that will ask for the collaboration of the same companies in the area.

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