Stock exchange inputs on Spotify for, among others, the ECB, EVN, Verbund (Lielacher), AT&S

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ECB, Gold and H&R
Hot Bets Episode 341 the podcast about hot stocks from

Today on the podcast, Hot Bets, we are talking about the shares of Barrick Gold and H&R. For more details, have a listen!

IMPORTANT: The values ​​discussed are not investment recommendations. The stocks and leverage products discussed here involve a high level of risk due to their high volatility!

Barrick Gold, CA0679011084
H&R, DE000A2E4T77


Neo-Broker: Zero

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Hot Bets – the podcast about hot stocks (00:07:40), 07/22.

Market report Friday, July 22nd, 2022 – digested the ECB interest rate hike? Federal government saves Uniper, Diess resigns at VW
ECB interest rate hike digested? Federal government saves Uniper, Diess resigns at VW

At the end of the week, the market seems to have digested the ECB’s interest rate hike of 50 basis points. The DAX closed Friday almost unchanged at 13,253 points. The ATX in Vienna lost -0.3% to 2,943 points, the ATX TR to 6,208 points. So the central bank has been digested for the time being. And there is also movement in the other construction sites, problems and crises: There is agreement on an end to the grain blockade. Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement to this effect, mediated by Turkey and the United Nations. Russian gas continues to flow through the pipeline and a rescue program has been agreed for gas trader Uniper: the federal government is taking a 30% stake. At the same time, Chancellor Scholz presented a new relief program for the high energy prices. The Uniper share collapses by around 30%. At the beginning of the year, the share was still worth over 42 euros, now it is almost only 7. The strongest winner in the DAX was Vonovia, which as a real estate group is actually considered to be particularly sensitive to interest rates. Friday’s rise is another signal that the ECB’s interest rate hike is viewed as rather positive. Other winners were Zalando and SAP, which are recovering from the previous day’s minus. Among the losers were Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom. The market was no longer able to react to the after-hours report that CW boss Herbert Diess will surprisingly resign at the end of August. The successor is said to be Porsche boss Blume. Hear central bank expert Andreas Scholz from the dfv Euro Finance Group on the ECB’s new secret weapon, the anti-fragmentation program called “Transmission Protection Instrument” or TPI for short, and Hartmut Jaensch, Vice President of the Association of German Economists and Business Economists, on a review of the last half-year on the stock market and why the bear market years are quite normal.

You will hear excerpts from stock exchange radio interviews. You can find the full version of the interviews at or in the Börsenradio app.

Stock market radio to go market report (00:15:23), 22.07.

Wiener Börse Plausch S2/76: 2 Austro share tips from Mike Lielacher, follow-up to AT&S

The Wiener Börse Pläusche are a podcast project by Christian Drastil Comm. Under the motto “Market & Me” Christian Drastil reports on daily events on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Episode S2/76 is about two Austro stock tips from Mike Lielacher, the whole podcast can be heard with him at, and the brutally close quarter-finals at the stock tournament http:/ /, plus an Andritz order and the continuation of the strong AT&S series.

Who sings with me We’ve got Tonight at the end of the episode

The 2022 episodes of Wiener Börse Plausch are presented by Wienerberger, CEO Heimo Scheuch also mingled with the podcasters in Q4: Co-presenter in July is bank99, we’ll bring a lot over the course of the month.

The theme song, which actually dates back to January and was spontaneously supported by the Rosinger Group: Sound & Lyrics at

Risk Warning: The thoughts published here are not and should not be taken as a recommendation, an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. They merely represent the personal opinion of the podcast maker. Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital.

Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange, Sport, Music (and more) – My Life (00:05:18), 22.07.

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BSN Podcasts

Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange chat

SportWoche Podcast S1/16: Ronny Leber or creative ideas to heat up the atmosphere at sporting events

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Stocks on the radar:Yes, yes, AT&S, Lenzing, Warimpex, Immofinanz, Palfinger, Zumtobel, Telekom Austria, Agrana, DO&CO, Athos real estate, Gurktaler AG tribe, Heid AG, Costed, UIG, Oberbank AG trunk, BKS Bank Stamm, Addiko Bank, Vienna Airport, UBM, Zalando, MTU Aero Engines, Puma, Vonovia SE, Sartorius, Covestro, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen vz, Daimler, BASF, Allianz.

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Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG (AT&S) is the European market leader and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards and IC substrates. With 9,526 employees, AT&S develops and produces at six production sites in Austria, India, China and Korea and has a sales network in Europe, Asia and North America. (Status 06/17)

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