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Stock Exchange – The Stock Exchange holds meetings to raise the awareness of brokering companies about the risks of margin buying

The Stock Exchange is holding meetings to raise the awareness of brokering companies about the risks of margin buying
Paris News
Date: Friday 31 August 2018 01:10 AM

Paris Stock Exchange continues to hold intensive meetings with brokerage firms in order to increase the training package of the new program to measure financial risks related to margin purchases and customer lending within the framework of its risk management program in the capital market.

In this context, an official source in the capital market said that these meetings aim to train the brokerage companies on the new program, in addition to raising the level of efficiency of their employees on risk management and measurement, in order to reduce the existing market variables within the capital market sectors effectively contribute to raising The degree of efficiency of the investment process within the stock exchange.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange has launched a training program on "Risk Management" in cooperation with the Investor Protection Fund to develop the capabilities of employees in the risk management departments of the operating companies to enable the trainees to design effective policies that enhance the strength and strength of their companies. Stabilizes the securities industry.

The "Free" training program includes two four-day sessions. The program began on Monday, July 9, and ended on Thursday, July 16. Each session includes approximately 70 brokerage firms from Cairo and Alexandria.

Mohamed Farid, Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, said that the training program aims at providing trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills in how to discover and manage potential risks through a comprehensive interactive explanation with examples of risk management concepts and principles related to the capital market.

Farid said that one of the most important forms of investment is to build the capacity of individuals through these workshops. The Egyptian Stock Exchange will share its experience with the risk management officers of the operating companies.

Farid said the program will enable trainees, risk managers, portfolio managers and investment managers, to measure the credit concentration risk and how to handle it efficiently at the market level as a whole and at the level of each company, each bank and each customer level, to hedge against any market turbulent crises. Future.

The head of the exchange said that the development and capacity building of risk management officials contributes to the further growth and progress of the securities industry in a stable and sustainable manner.

While Farid revealed the stock market in the development of a new system to manage risks related to the stock market, to reduce them, to be activated by all brokerage firms by the end before the end of this year.

Trainees will gain knowledge of how to use the risk management system to apply preventive control, especially as risk management is less costly than crisis management.

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