Stock index is down 0.46%


Amman-tomorrow – The general price index of shares of the Amman Stock Exchange closed yesterday at 2186.16 points, a decline of 0.46%. The total volume of trading yesterday amounted to about 3.9 million dinars and the number of shares traded 5.1 million shares, carried out through 2,161 contracts. The shares of (112) companies were traded, the shares prices of (60) declined and the shares prices declined. At the sector level, the industrial index decreased by 1.42%, the financial sector index decreased by 0.33%, and the services index decreased by 0.15%. As for the sub-sectors, the index of electrical industries, hotels and tourism, educational services , Pharmaceuticals and medical industries, commercial services 1.40%, 1.24%, 0.64%, 0.06%, 0.03%, respectively. While the mining and mining industries, tobacco and cigarettes, health services, real estate, energy and utilities, insurance, clothing, leather and textile industries, food and beverage, engineering and construction industries, transportation, chemical industries, banks, miscellaneous financial services declined 1.95% , 1.39% 0.95%, 0.90%, 0.82%, 0.64%, 0.60%, 0.46%, 0.39% 0.29%, 0.27% and 0.23%, respectively. The top five gainers were, the Jordan Pipes Manufacturing by 4.49%, Asas For Concrete Industries by 4.35%, Al Obour For Cargo & Transportation by 4.23%, Zara Investment Holding by 3.64%, and Arab International for Education and Investment by 3.56%. The top five losers were, Resources for Development & Investment by (%) 7.14%, Emaar Real Estate Development and Investment by 5.88%, Arab Electrical Industries by 5.00%, Ibn Al Haytham Hospital by 4.95% and Al Balad Securities & Investment by 4.76%.


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