Stock market inputs on Spotify about SAP, Apple, BionTech, Verbund, among others

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Market report Fri 05/27/2022 – Buyers are coming back, start of the bear market rally? Interviews Urban, Stanzl, Hlinka, Halver
Buyers Come Back, Start of Bear Market Rally? Interviews with Gottfried Urban, Jochen Stanzl, Mojmir Hlinka, Robert Halver, Andreas Scholz, Lars Erichsen, Gunter

The mood seems to have changed, not only on the public holiday, which was not a stock exchange holiday, but also on Friday and thus the bridging day, the prices continue to rise. Good mood comes from Asia and the USA, the Fed minutes have an effect with good mood, and good economic data also came. All in all, prices rose almost everywhere. The DAX is well above the 14,000 point mark and closed Friday at a five-week high of 14,462 points and +1.6%, and the US stock exchanges also opened well in the black. The ATX in Vienna rose +0.3% to 3,343 points, the ATX TR to 6,969 points. The strongest winners in the DAX were Sartorius with +5.9%, Infineon with +4.6% and Siemens Healthineers with +4.5%. The clearest losers were Henkel with -1.7%, E.ON with -2.3% and taillight RWE with -3%. Listen to Jochen Stanzl, chief market analyst at CMC Markets, on the perfect storm on the stock exchanges, asset manager Mojmir Hlinka from Agfif International in Zurich on the changed market environment and stock market psychology, asset manager Gottfried Urban on the possible bear market rally, Andreas Scholz from the dfv Euro Finance Group on the news of central bank policy, capital market analyst Robert Halver from Baaderbank and podcaster, youtuber and blogger Lars Erichsen each on the question of whether one should still sell now, fund advisor Gunter Greiner from WIWIN on the strategy of the equity fund with the motto “green, green, green” and wikifoliotrader Richard Dobetsberger on the moral debate in investments in armaments companies.

You will hear excerpts from stock market radio interviews. You can find the full Verizon of the interviews at or in the Börsenradio app.

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Stock market radio to go market report (00:28:18), 28.05.

Trade update on SAP, Apple and BioNTech
Hot Bets Episode 305 the podcast about hot stocks from

On the podcast, Hot Bets – hot bets, we’re talking about the current trades on SAP, Apple and BioNTech today. For more details, have a listen!

IMPORTANT: The values ​​discussed are not investment recommendations. The stocks and leverage products discussed here involve a high level of risk due to their high volatility!

Apple, US0378331005
APPLE Unlimited Long | 110,7381 USD, PF1QK3, DE000PF1QK33
APPLE Unlimited Short | 181,2299 USD, PD4G7S, DE000PD4G7S3

SAP, DE0007164600
SAP Unlimited Long | 77,8400 EUR, PD1HTS, DE000PD1HTS2
The Issuer is entitled to call securities with an open-end term. There is a risk of capital loss up to total loss.

You will receive the base prospectus as well as the final terms and the basic information sheets of the issuer BNP Paribas Emissions- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH

BioNTech (ADRs), US09075V1026

Neo-Broker: Zero

If you want to give us feedback on the show, simply send an email to [email protected]

Hot Bets – the podcast about hot stocks (00:06:15), 05/28.

Capital market strategist Robert Halver: “Prices remain brutally high, but growth could tip over. That would be positive!
Capital market strategist Robert Halver: “Prices remain brutally high, but growth could topple. That would be positive!”

“We have many crises, but you have to try to see through this smoke screen and read something positive,” says Robert Halver, head of capital market analysis at Baader Bank. “I expect that the Chinese will release Shanghai from the lockdown in early June, that inflation will ease in the second half of the year and that the war in Ukraine will not escalate any further.” Selling it now wouldn’t be a good idea. “We have a mood on the markets, like in the cemetery at midnight. But a small ray of hope – and the mood turns to recovery rally.” At the moment, Robert Halver would not touch the “Corona darlings like Netflix and food suppliers.”

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More interviews and information:

Vienna Stock Exchange Podcast (00:10:57), 28.05.

Vienna Stock Exchange Plausch S2/37: Julia Herr Verbund, home saver in the insurance industry, analyst denies CPI / Immofinanz

The Wiener Börse Pläusche are a podcast project by Christian Drastil Comm. Under the motto “Market & Me” Christian Drastil reports on daily events on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The episode S2/37 on the half-day of the window includes further discussions about the association with Julia Herr and an owner-expropriation counter-attack as well as photovoltaics. Also: A short on RBI, research on Vienna Airport, CA Immo and SBO. It is interesting what Wood&Co says about Immofinanz, they apparently hide CPI Property. And finally: While some are talking about skimming off profits, we hope for deviations from KESt, the insurers also throw in important points: Because if you only started with the KESt, there would be a preference for shorter forms of investment without annuity. And the latter is particularly important. Because: Life insurance is the only instrument on the financial market that actually pays benefits until the end of life. And that’s guaranteed. I mean: Especially in times like these, the state-subsidized (i.e.: premium-privileged) future provision, PZV for short, which has been forgotten by many, belongs back in front of the curtain. No capital gains tax, no insurance tax and no income tax when paid out in the form of an annuity. The “building saver of the insurance industry”, says Manfred Bartalszky.


The 2022 episodes of Wiener Börse Plausch are presented by Wienerberger, CEO Heimo Scheuch also mingled with the podcasters in Q4: . Co-presenter in May is Palfinger, see also the revised

The theme song, which actually dates back to January and was spontaneously supported by the Rosinger Group: Sound & Lyrics at

Risk Warning: The thoughts published here are not and should not be taken as a recommendation, an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. They merely represent the personal opinion of the podcast maker. Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital.

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Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange, Sport, Music (and more) – My Life (00:07:35), 28.05.

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