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Vienna Stock Exchange Plausch S3/47: Risk warning Semperit, watch out Marinomed and S Immo, water share European Lithium
The Wiener Börse Pläusche are a podcast project by Christian Drastil Comm. Under the motto “Market & Me” Christian Drastil reports on daily events at the Vienna Stock Exchange. Episode S3/47 is mainly about a felt (risk indication) too strong a crash of the Semperit share today. Exciting things are also happening at Marinomed and in the next few days at S Immo as well. That’s why I call European Lithium “water shares” because as a shareholder you were permanently diluted. There is news about Strabag and Kapsch, research about FACC, RBI, Rosenbauer and of course Semperit.
Julia Kistner mentions Semperit in a nice context in the Börsepeople podcast:
IPO episode with, among other things, “Water Share” European Lithium:
The 2022 episodes of Wiener Börse Plausch are presented by Wienerberger, CEO Heimo Scheuch also mingled with the podcasters in Q4: . Co-presenter in November is Raquest , we will bring a lot there in the course of the month. See also podcast with Raquest Manager Manfred Artmeier about double taxation:
The theme song, which actually dates back to January and was spontaneously supported by the Rosinger Group: Sound & Lyrics at
Risk Warning: The thoughts published here are not and should not be construed as a recommendation, an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument. They merely represent the personal opinion of the podcast maker. Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital. And: Reviews at Apple (or Spotify) make me happy:
Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange, Sports, Music (and more) – My Life (00:08:16), 11/16.

Trade of the Week – Netflix Short (PD4TDM)
Hot Bets Episode 398 the podcast about hot stocks from

Today on the podcast, Hot Bets, we are talking about the NETFLIX stock. For more details, have a listen!

NETFLIX Unlimited Short | 372,4488 USD, DE000PD4TDM8
Netflix, US64110L1061

IMPORTANT: The values ​​discussed are not investment recommendations. The stocks and leverage products discussed here involve a high level of risk due to their high volatility!

Hot Bets is presented by BNP Paribas Zertifikate, one of the leading and award-winning providers of certificates and leverage products in the German market.

The Issuer is entitled to call securities with an open-end term. There is a risk of capital loss up to total loss. You will receive the base prospectus as well as the final terms and the basic information sheets of the issuer BNP Paribas Emissions- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Hot Bets – the podcast about hot stocks (00:04:52), 11/16.

Q3 VIG: “Increased claims expenses, especially in property insurance business” – total premium volume: 9.5 billion,
Q3 VIG: “Increased claims expenses, especially in property insurance business” – total premium volume: 9.5 billion, profit +10%

The Vienna Insurance Group continued to grow in the first nine months of 2022. The total premium volume amounts to EUR 9.5 billion, the profit before taxes improved by 10% to EUR 413.4 million. At 302.4 million, the net result is also 10% higher than in the previous year. CFO Liane Hirner: “We have achieved our goal of becoming the market leader in Hungary.” How does inflation affect the insurance business? “We are feeling increased claims expenditure. This is particularly noticeable in the property insurance business, especially motor insurance, because material and replacement costs as well as hourly wages have increased. So far, however, we have been able to effectively manage the risk of inflation in our markets.”

Vienna Stock Exchange Podcast (00:10:39), 16.11.

Crypto market bust panic and price-moving comeback
11/17/2022 – The daily stock market shot

In today’s episode “Everything on shares”, the financial journalists Anja Ettel and Laurin Meyer talk about expensive discounts at Mercedes, the Trump effect on social networks and the right buying rhythm for the depot.

It also includes Walmart, Target, Micron, Volkswagen, BMW, Morphosys, Curevac, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Siemens Energy, Meta, Bumble, Pinterest, Twitter, Digital World Acquisition, Phunware, Rumble and Remark Holdings.

We look forward to feedback via [email protected]

Disclaimer: The stocks and funds discussed in the podcast do not represent specific purchase or investment recommendations. The moderators and the publisher are not liable for any losses that arise as a result of the implementation of the thoughts or ideas.

For everyone who wants to know more: You can hear Holger Zschäpitz every week in the finance and business podcast “Deffner&Zschäpitz”.

Data protection:

All on Stocks (00:20:06), 11/17.

“FTX Crash & Its Consequences” – NVIDIA Remains Stable & MetLife Pays Dividend
Episode #495 from 11/17/2022

All good China news comes in threes: Mercedes-Benz cuts prices in China, On sells a lot of shoes in China, Tencent comes from China (and pays 20 billion dividends). Plus, NVIDIA is stable, USB sticks are hot crypto shit, and Nike is playing meta.

MetLife (NYSE:MET) insures Americans’ economies, employees’ teeth, and (at least in 2022) investors’ returns.

FTX owes money to a million customers. The Founder plays League of Legends. accidentally transfers $400 million. Crypto is crazy.

This podcast by Podstars GmbH (Noah Leidinger) from November 17th, 2022, 3:00 a.m. is made available to you by Trade Republic Bank GmbH. Trade Republic Bank GmbH is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

IT WILL BE DIFFICULT WITHOUT SHARES – Daily stock exchange news (00:11:59), 17.11.

Market report, Wed., 11/16/22: anti-car day Mercedes-Benz -6%, Porsche -5.5%, VW -4%,
Stock market radio market report, anti-car day Mercedes-Benz -6%, Porsche -5.5%, VW -4%, profit-taking in the DAX -1% 14,234 points

DAX rally takes a break on Wednesday and it was an anti-car day in the DAX. The DAX has a discount of minus 1.0% and a closing level of 14,234 points. Anti-car day in the DAX: Mercedes-Benz reports that it is drastically reducing the prices for two electric car models in China. 2 models and that in China, that sounds more like a side message. But the result: Mercedes-Benz lead the list of losers with a minus of more than 6%. The topics in this podcast: Martin Weinrauer: “We are risk managers: Our customers do not give us the order to get the maximum out of the market”. Q3 VIG: “Increased claims expenditure, especially in property insurance business” – total premium volume: 9.5 billion, profit +10%. Euro Finance Week: Thomas Jorberg is Banker of the Year 2021
EFW Special – Andre Wiersig, extreme swimmer: The Reinhold Messner of the oceans! – wikifolio: Tom Jakobi’s flair for the productive harvest. “Would like to continue beating the DAX every year”.
Alle Interviews:

Stock market radio to go market report (00:22:01), 17.11.

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Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange chat

Vienna Stock Exchange Plausch S3/48: S Immo fall has begun, Semperit Update, stock market word and stock market word 2022

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