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All in all, Europe is ultra cheap if gas supplies are not cut.

In the US, interest rates have risen by 50 basis points. The ECB has not followed suit. And even though the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has indicated that the ECB will soon not be sitting still either, FED chief Jerone Powell has already let it be known that the US Federal Reserve will raise another 50 basis points in July as an effective means to combat inflation. So the interest rate differential between the US and Europe, but also between the EU and the UK, will most likely remain significant. GELDMEISTERIN therefore asked stock market expert Wolfgang Matejka, Managing Director of Matejka & Partners Asset Management, how best to invest with spreads and what effects they could have on currencies and asset accumulation. I find it particularly exciting that he prefers very specific sectors, precisely because of the current economic, geopolitical and energy policy crisis. Sectors like chemicals and steel are ultra cheap. What does Wolfgang Matjeka currently think of tech, auto, consumer goods, oil stocks and green technology? Or also from other asset classes such as gold, bitcoin, bonds, real estate and last but not least from cash? Best to listen:

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(01:15 ) Interest rate differential USA – Europe

(10:30) From four percent interest, a lot of money flows from stocks to bonds

(11:20) Fed goes up three to 3.5 percent

(17:30) India, Chile, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia are not bad at all

(21:10) Recession unlikely in Europe

(21:35) Crack-Up boom in Europe is a pipe dream

(10:40pm) Sell in may hasn’t worked for decades

(28:30) Yes, green technology, but wind turbines are old technology

(35:15) The real enemy is the Chinese

(37:50) Holding cash alone is wrong

Disclaimer: These are by no means recommendations, just personal thoughts. The author and Hendrik Leber assume no liability whatsoever arising from investments being made in accordance with your media contributions.

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#200 How it all began…

It’s actually the 200th episode! So today you get a look behind the scenes again. I’ll tell you how it all began two years ago…

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Stock market gossip (00:07:41), 16.05.

“The Coinbase Debacle” – Musk sans Twitter, crypto billionaires, and Squarespace
Episode #365 from 16.05.2022

The shopping craze is back and Affirm, Robinhood and Duolingo fly to the moon. What do Cathie Wood and Sam Bankman-Fried have to do with it? And Musk doesn’t want Twitter after all? Here’s the answer.

Bitcoin falls. Sales fall. The stock falls. And now, Coinbase (NYSE:COC) is pretty much disfigured.

Websites were yesterday. Squarespace (NYSE:Squarespace) is now doing e-commerce. And they do it better than everyone else.

This podcast by Podstars GmbH (Noah Leidinger) from May 16, 2022, 3:00 a.m. is made available to you by Trade Republic Bank GmbH. Trade Republic Bank GmbH is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

IT WILL BE DIFFICULT WITHOUT SHARES – Daily Stock Exchange News (00:11:59), 16.05.

Crazy World: Bitcoin Secured Loans

According to the Bloomberg news agency, Goldman Sachs has issued a Bitcoin-secured loan for the first time. Stop, stop, dear borrowers: Our one doesn’t get anything like this at the counter yet. You have to be a prominent debtor, such as the US crypto trading platform Coinbase. Nothing is known about the amount of the Bitcoin-secured loan. For Goldman Sachs, which wants to gain an even stronger foothold in the crypto world, this is a test balloon in a market where big business is suspected. As if loans with flexible interest rates weren’t inherently risky enough in phases of rising interest rates. I find it very daring to hedge the risk with such a fluctuating digital asset. The crypto asset is down over 36 percent year-to-date. There were the foreign currency loans, which were so popular from the mid-1990s and were secured with funds, shares and other volatile repayment vehicles, which was nothing short of a child’s birthday. In any case, Julia Kistner wishes all long-term investors and of course not the day traders who benefit from fluctuations a less turbulent week.

If you like the Börsen-Minute and could take a minute to rate and subscribe to it for free on a podcast app of your choice, on YouTube or Spotify, then thank you! By the way, in my current podcast episode of GELDMEISTERIN, I have the capital market expert Wolfgang Matejka from Matejka&Partners as a guest, whom I asked with a hole in his stomach how a European should best invest given the ever-increasing interest rate differential between the USA and Europe. It’s worth listening…

Legal note: The author, Julia Kistner, assumes no liability for losses that arise as a result of statements made.

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Wiener Börse Plausch S2/28: MSCI-Yes for Strabag, Valuation Oberbank and Valneva, (Ne)Hammer-Candlestick and Kurt Stiassny mails to UIAG

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