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Home Business Stock market: what moves on the markets before the opening on Monday

Stock market: what moves on the markets before the opening on Monday

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The New York Stock Exchange points to an opening under the equilibrium Monday morning, digesting the new records reached Friday, at the start of a session where the microeconomics will be back in the viewfinder, before several important US indicators.

On the futures side, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the leading index of the New York public prosecutor, is down 0.08% to 26,496 points. Also according to the futures contracts, the Nasdaq, with strong technological coloration, fell 0.11% to 7832 points. The S & P500, meanwhile, loses 0.09% to 2939 points.

Friday in New York, the Nasdaq and the S & P 500 rose to unprecedented levels with the announcement of a much stronger than expected growth in the first quarter in the United States and some business results better than expected.


"The meeting of the day is not big stakes, before the month of May, starting in the second half of the week, which could be more active," said in a note Tangi Le Liboux, strategist for the broker Aurel BGC.

"There will still be a lot of earnings releases this week and so should be in the markets," he added.

"Investors will focus especially (this Monday) on the publication of the results of companies, such as those of Alphabet, after the US closing," have pleaded the experts at Mirabaud Securities Geneva.

The US Central Bank (Fed) holds from Tuesday a monetary policy meeting at the end of which it should keep interest rates unchanged, while it is under the constant pressure of the White House to keep them low, even reduce them.

On the European political front, the Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has, as expected, won Sunday the legislative elections but will, for lack of an absolute majority, seek allies to govern a divided country, where the extreme right will enter the parliament.


The Hong Kong stock market started the week higher, in the wake of new records reached by Wall Street Friday and with the hope of a resolution of the trade dispute with the United States, but Shanghai and Shenzhen fell.

For Edward Moya, an analyst for Oanda, "we must remember that the economy is doing well and should not experience a recession anytime soon".

However, observers warn that these figures reveal some weaknesses that could slow growth in the coming months.

In addition, negotiations between the United States and China, which must end the trade war between the two countries, will resume Tuesday in Beijing and will continue in Washington next week.

Observers agree that an agreement should be found, while questions remain unanswered.

Chinese markets have suffered losses, fearing that the authorities will end their recent stimulus measures.

"The poor corporate performance detracted from the confidence and profit-taking in stocks that had generated strong additional gains on the sale," said Zhang Gang, an analyst for Central China Securities, Bloomberg News.

On the agenda

On the indicators side, household spending and incomes for the month of March in the United States as well as inflation for April, as measured by the PCE index, will complete the agenda.



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