Stock prices in the Egyptian stock exchange on Monday 16 - 4 -2018

Stock prices in the Egyptian stock exchange on Monday 16 - 4 -2018

Egyptian Stock Exchange on Monday, 16 – 4 – 2018 The Egyptian Stock Exchange on Monday, 16 – 4 – 2018 We publish our news to you today Our news and start with the main news, stock prices on the Egyptian stock exchange on Monday 16 – 4 -2018. Hany El – Houty Published by “Akhbarna” newspaper the prices of shares of the largest 5 companies achieved an increase, and the prices of shares of the top five companies down, the Egyptian Stock Exchange at the close of trading Monday, 16-4-2018. The Stock Exchange prohibits trading on 11 shares EGX decided to suspend the trading on the shares of 11 companies for a quarter of an hour to exceed the 5% during Monday’s trading session. Al-Ahram for Printing and Packaging, East Delta Flour Mills, Misr for Oils and Soaps, North Upper Egypt for Development and Agricultural Production, Zahraa Maadi For Investment & Construction, Cairo For Housing & Development. The stock exchange is gaining 3.1 billion pounds The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session on Monday with a collective rise of all indices driven by the purchases of Egyptian and foreign dealers. The market capitalization increased by EGP 3.1 billion to close at 976.545 billion pounds. The total value of shares traded on the Stock Exchange stood at LE 1.2 billion, while the net value of transactions of Arab and foreign individuals and Egyptian and Arab institutions for sale amounted to EGP 71.98 million, EGP 13.5 million, EGP 37 million and EGP 2.5 million respectively. , EGP 34.3 million, respectively. The EGX30 index rose 0.18% to close at 17620 points. The EGX 50 index rose 0.61% to close at 3001 points. The EGX20 index rose 0.06% to close at 18157 points. The EGX70 index rose by 0.38% to close at 867 points and the broader EGX 100 index increased by 0.28% to close at 2261 points. The Nile Stock Exchange index increased by 0.70% to reach 479 points . The shares of 89 listed companies closed at the close of trading, 56 companies fell, and the levels of 45 companies did not change. High stocks included: – Development & Engineering Consultants closed at EGP 26.99 with an increase of 7.79% – Al-Ahram for printing and packaging at a price of 7.50 pounds, an increase of 7.30% – North Upper Egypt Development and Agricultural Production at a closing price of LE 7.55 with an increase of 6.34% – Universal for packaging materials – Unipack at a price of EGP 32.19, an increase of 6.10% – Misr Oils & Soap at a price of EGP30.46, an increase of 5.22% The declining stocks included: – Zahraa Maadi for Investment and Construction at a price of EGP 20.84 recording a decline of 7.83% – Modern Shorouk for Printing and Packaging at a price of EGP 26.07, down by 7.22% – East Delta Flour Mills closed at EGP 113.19 with a decline of 5.68% – Cairo Housing & Urbanization closed at EGP15.36, down 5.13% – Edita for Food Industries closed at EGP 19.04 with a decline of 4.80% Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings of the family website of Akhbarna newspaper.
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