Stock Timer: Investors Focus on US Inflation Indicators

Today at 3:30 p.m. Lithuanian time will be announced in April. US inflation data. The consumer price index is forecast at 8.1 per cent, excluding food and energy, at 6.0 per cent. Although the pace of price growth is expected to have declined slightly compared to March (by 0.4 and 0.5 percentage points, respectively), the Fed is unlikely to slow down the pace of monetary tightening. Atlanta Fed manager Bostic said yesterday that interest rates should be raised by 50 basis points in the next 2-3 meetings, and his Cleveland Fed colleague Mester said a 75 basis point increase could be needed if inflation did not fall.

The tone is also being tightened by ECB officials, with Deputy Governor de Guindos saying monetary policy should be normalized by the third quarter of 2022. in the first half of the quarter.

US and European stock indices rose slightly yesterday (S&P 500 + 0.25 percent, Stoxx Europe 600 + 0.68 percent). Toyota shares fell 3.03 percent following the publication of disappointing profit forecasts for investors. Coinbase announced its first-quarter financial results after the close of trading. 12.60 percent during the trading session. the fall in the share price fell another 15.67 percent after that. The company’s revenue and trading volume on its managed platform were significantly worse than expected.

The German economy was announced yesterday in May. the current situation rating index was slightly worse than expected, but the outlook for future expectations, while remaining negative, was significantly higher than projected (-34.3 points, -43.5 points forecast).

The U.S. House of Representatives approved by a large majority of votes 40 billion. USD support package for Ukraine. He should be approved by the Senate next week. The U.S. is considering extending exemptions for foreign currency payments made by Russia to service its debt.

Asian stock exchanges this morning at 8.45. In Lithuanian time, Japan’s NIKKEI rose by 0.31%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng by 2.03% and Shanghai Composite by 2.09%.

The OMXB index fell for the third trading session in a row. The share price of Tallinna Sadam remained almost unchanged (-0.13 percent) after the announcement of the first quarter results. April Shares of LHV Group, which published indicators, fell in price by 1.92 percent. (up to EUR 38.25 per share). Vilkyškių pieninė (+2.17%) informed that in April. sales revenue amounted to 19.5 million. EUR – 60.1 percent. more than in 2021 in April. Coop Pank reported 1.5 million in earnings in April. net profit of. The net profit earned since the beginning of the year amounts to 5 million. euros. – 35% more than the corresponding 2021 period.

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