Stocks plummet as covids mutate Investors sell away as the index tumbles 37 points.

Thai Rath Edition

27 Nov 2021 05:04

Reporters reported the investment in the Thai stock market on November 26 that the sharp decline. according to the direction of regional stock markets that have declined in every market Due to concerns about the aggravation of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe and the new strain of coronavirus found in South Africa This results in a sell-off to reduce the risk in the short term. Press the index fell sharply throughout the day. Before closing the market at 1,610.61 points, a decrease of 37.85 points or 2.30%, with a turnover of 123,472.10 million baht, foreign investors sold a net of 6,091.21 million baht, institutional investors sold a net of 3,462.17 million baht, while retail investors bought a net against investors. Institutional investment 12,791.60 million baht

Analysts at Yuanta Securities (Thailand) said stock markets around the world returned to worry about the epidemic. new round of covid-19 In Europe and the new covid mutation Which will have to wait to see the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting to see if there will be a conclusion about the existing vaccine will be able to control the epidemic or not. by assessing 2 cases. There is a chance that the SET index will fall further, giving support at 1,580 points and in the event that the existing vaccine can be used to control the epidemic The index will have support at 1600 points and resistance at 1,650 points. However, during this period it is recommended to slow down investment to wait and see the situation. Because the market has risen a lot before and December is a long holiday season. While waiting to see the results of the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting on December 14-15, while there is still concern that US government agencies may close (Government Shutdown) if the debt ceiling cannot be fixed on that day. on the 15th of Dec.

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