Stone found next to the corpses in Adeje had blood and hair from both – Spain

The 8.5 kilo stone that Thomas Handrick allegedly used to perpetrate the double crime in Adeje had biological remains (blood and hair) of his wife, Silvia, and his eldest son, Jacob, whose bodies were found with their faces disfigured in inside a cave.

This has been confirmed on the fourth day of the popular jury trial against this German citizen for whom the Prosecutor’s Office is requesting a reviewable permanent prison sentence, two biology specialists from the Civil Guard’s criminalistics service who have testified as experts.

In addition, they have detailed that the blood stains and the hairs recovered outside the cave all belonged to Silvia, and inside, both in stones, clothing and other objects, they identified the genetic profiles of the woman, the child and both mixed.

The Civil Guard did not find a single trace of the accused’s blood at the scene of the crime, which reinforces the hypothesis that the victims had no opportunity to defend themselves or that the attack was surprising.

Where they did locate remains of Thomas Handrick was in the clothes that he threw into a garbage container near his house, in which they also identified the genetic profiles of the mother, the eldest son and a mixture of all.