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Stopskate presents aftermarket brakes with remote control for inline skates


The skates come with brakes that allow users to slow down or stop. This is a fairly standard feature that we can expect in almost all models. However, in case you want to make your pair of skates a little more high-tech, you may be interested in consulting Stopskate's offers.

The company is showing at CES 2020 what they call the world's first electronic brake system for inline skates. These are basically aftermarket brakes that you can connect to your existing inline skates, where, together with a remote control, you can reduce speed or stop by pressing a button

As to why someone would need this, basically if they are familiar with rollerblading or rollerblading, they know that the brakes are not necessarily instantaneous. This means that in emergencies or when you need to brake very fast, it can be a bit difficult. However, with Stopskate's brakes, according to the video we are watching, it seems that it can stop completely in a short time.

It also addresses the somewhat natural way of braking with blades in line that implies that users have to lean one foot back to apply the brake.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEoWxdQS_Ok (/ embed)

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Stopskate is selling its brakes on its website starting at $ 249, with plans to start sending them to customers at the end of February 2020. You can find more compatibility information at The company's website too.

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