Storck could be fired at the end of the season, it would be easy to get rid of him – press release

The Belgian Stef Wijnants citing a sports journalist, he reported that he could be fired at the end of the season Bernd Storckot from the head of Belgium’s leading Genk football team.

The band, which also employs András Németh, is currently taking part in the league’s League League playoffs, and is not performing well there. rounds left. One of these, the frontrunner will play against Ghent.

According to the journalist, however, Genk’s performance under Storck has been too unpredictable for his performance so far, and the German specialist often turns his team upside down, even if they only have one match a week, so there would be no need for a break.

In addition, the change of coach would be greatly facilitated by the fact that the parties had a contract of indefinite duration, ie Genk would not have to fear paying high severance pay.

Of course, that would probably make managers think if Genk were able to gain the right to participate in EKL.

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