Colorado, USA /

Is it a matter of karma? A store of sporting goods announced that it is in the bankruptcy after stop selling products Nike for being the brand that sponsors Colin Kaepernick, the former field marshal of the San Francisco 49ers.

Leader of a social movement against police abuses towards black people, Kap began the "rebellion" of putting one knee to the ground while singing the Anthem of the U.S, measure supported by many athletes and athletes, but also criticized by the president of the country, Donald Trump.

The store called "Prime Time Sports", in the voice of its owner, accepted that they had to close as soon as possible for being in bankruptcy after adopting the measure against the powerful American firm of clothing and sporting goods.

"I can not keep it open anymore. Having a sports store without Nike is like having a milk shop without milk or a gas station without gas. How do you do it? They have a monopoly on jerseys, "said the owner.

The establishment, which in the past retaliated against the player Brandon Marshall by canceling an autograph session for its demonstration by Kaepernick, is in the process of liquidating your merchandise.



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