Metta Sandiford-ArtestThe man formerly known as Metta World Peace and formerly Ron Artest, is a particular type. It is more than possible that, regardless of the names he has used, you know that he was part -relevant- of the Palace battle, the worst fight in NBA history. And what sportily managed to be champion, All-Star and ‘Defender of the Year’, milestone within the reach of a historical elite.

Off the track, the New Yorker who turns 41, It has different stories that you may not know. Or, in case you do, it’s worth remembering. For starters, in case you’ve forgotten the historic battle between the Pistons and the Pacers at the Palace in Detroit, here it is, with Ron Artest taking the stands first to execute a fan who had thrown him a drink:

Shortly before the battle of the Palace, he asked for ‘free time’ to publicize his rap album

In October 2006, Ron Artest (then his name) released a rap album, titled ‘My World‘. And it occurred to him to ask the franchise to release him for a time from his obligations as a player in order to better promote his musical work. Artest was an essential part of the Pacers and of course the franchise refused to grant him that wish. What’s more, he sanctioned a couple of meetings for the proposal. However, less than two weeks after the request … the fight occurred in Detroit. Artest was sanctioned for the rest of the season, the biggest sanction in history, so in a way he ended up fulfilling that wish for free time.

He smashed a camera at Madison after a loss

His first season in Indiana, after his first stint in the NBA with the Bulls, soon began to have incidents. In an away game, at Madison Square Garden, the defeat did not take well. And smashed a camera when he found it in his wake. Artest was suspended three games for that and fined $ 35,000 by the League. But the total costs of the destruction amounted to almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The assault on James Harden … which could have been much worse

Throughout his career he has had battles with a multitude of players, but one of the most impactful incidents was suffered by James Harden. In his time with the Lakers, Artest celebrated a basket with a gesture that supposed a brutal attack on the neck to James Harden, then in the Thunder. It happened in 2012. The blow was very hard and very dangerous in the area. Artest was sanctioned with seven games, with an associated cost of almost $ 450,000. Harden collapsed after the blow but was thankfully able to recover afterwards.

«Thanks to my psychologist»

The player knew who to thank for his success, which ended in a ring with the Lakers. Artest scored a key triple in the seventh game of the Finals against the Celtics and when interviewed by Doris Burke after winning the championship, he was clear that in addition to his family, whom he mentioned in the first place, part of the success was due to the treatment of your psychologist. The confession surprised everyone by the sincerity with which the player spoke about it and at such an emotional moment.


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