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THE BRAVEST OF THE FARFÁN. Carmen Rosa Farfanaunt of Jefferson Farfan, is the most respected cook in the ‘Devil’s Curve’. ‘La Chacala’ commands respect in her neighborhood of San Gabriel and this time she opened the doors of her kitchen to louis guadeloupe and told him how he gave the biggest scare of his life to Juan ‘Chiquito’ Flores.


The popular ‘Cuto‘ could not hide her joy at meeting her dear friend and asked her about her peculiar nickname. “The ‘Big Seal’, my Brother Roberto, called me ‘La Chacala’. She was the witch from a Brazilian novel, that character had braids like me. But I am happy with my badge, for those who know me, for those who are not: Carmen Rosa Farfán Quispe”, said with personality aunt of the ‘Foquita’.

The driver of ‘The Faith of Cuto‘ asked the sister of the Roberto Farfan Let him tell you about that impasse that Juan ‘Chiquito’ Flores so far can not forget. “My daughter was 19 years old, she was studying at the University and everyone was at the meeting. I left the kitchen to see what you were doing and I heard when ‘Chiquito’ said to another: ‘Hey, it’s good.’ So I went back and grabbed a knife…”, he counted and showed his sharp instrument.

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe made the chacala tell him an exclusive impasse with Juan Flores (Photo: Alan Ramírez)

‘La Chacala’ to Juan Flores: “Don’t mess with my daughter, because I’ll kill you”

What happened seconds later filled everyone at the party with tension. “I approached him and said: What is the matter? I put the knife to her throat and yelled at her: ‘Don’t mess with my daughter, because I’ll kill you. go fuck somewhere else. Now, my daughter is an obstetrician-gynecologist, I raised her alone, alone”, recalled the ‘Chacala‘, who also acknowledged the goalkeeper’s apologies.

Chacala And Chiquito Flowers
The aunt of the popular striker Jefferson Farfán is a force to be reckoned with, and Juan ‘Chiquito’ Flores knows that well. What was the reason why he threatened the doorman in a meeting at his house?

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe pointed out that he recommended, to the then goalkeeper of university, do not ‘hit’ with anyone in the house. “Look, I did take his jugular ha ha ha, but he apologized. ‘Chacala, excuse me’, she told me. My daughter is pretty. So she had no choice but to look at her sides, just”, said the aunt of Jefferson Farfan.

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‘Cuto’ Guadalupe enjoyed the flavor of ‘La Chacala’

The owner of Cuto 16 was interested in the secrets of the Farfán Quispe family cook. “My grandmother was the one who taught me to cook, until now I’m still cooking, until God willing. I attend fifteen-year-old marriages and divorces, ha, ha, ha. Here I have cooked you I cook dry, but not as a kitten just in case”, warned sister of Luis Farfanfather of Jefferson Farfan.

The aunt of the 'Foquita' with her daughter whom she freed from the claws of Juan Flores (Photo: Alan Ramírez)
The aunt of the ‘Foquita’ with her daughter whom she freed from the claws of Juan Flores (Photo: Alan Ramírez)

His most famous bribe has also enjoyed its seasoning. “Jefferson has come here to taste my carapulcra, he also comes to eat cevichito where China, here on the curve, on the corner of the market there is ‘China’, she has been preparing ceviche for about 20 years”, commented Carmen Rosa.


Cuto Guadalupe also spoke with Luis Farfán, father of the Alianza Lima striker, who revealed that they offered him $30,000 to talk about his famous son. “(They offered me) 30 thousand soles; but they did interview my daughters, they took them for a walk. I did not speak, ”revealed the former soccer player.

The former soccer player also recognized that his refusal was to avoid speaking ill of his son and causing pain to the grandmother of the “Foquita”. “I didn’t do it because my mom was alive, I didn’t want my mom to feel bad, I wanted to avoid that, well right now that my mom is not here now I do think we took advantage ha ha ha,” he said jokingly.

Rafael Farfán revealed: “Jefferson Farfán’s phone did not let him sleep in the national team”

at another time, Rafael Farfan He remembered when he met his nephew at VIDENA when he was already 36 years old. Very nice, I arrived and Jefferson was not there and the first to enter is Claudio, a great guy, he welcomed me, a great guy, we talked for about 15 minutes y Professor Markarian just entered. Jefferson entered later with his entire band, with Guizasola, Jair (Céspedes)he added.

the seal‘, comos ele conce a Rafael recounted how he suffered during the nights when he had to share a room with the ‘Foquita‘European nights. The defender counted as the cell of ‘Jeffry‘ did not stop playing and how he ‘forgot’ that they were family when it came to training. “I just had the room with him, you can imagine how that phone sounded, I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to be taken out of there and not a single phone passed by, I wanted him to give me one (laughs). He lacked ears to answer”he expressed.