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He walks through the streets of Callao, greets each other and despite being from the area, nobody calls him by his real name. For the port, he is the ‘clone’ of a player who shone in the colombian team in the 1990s. Julio Lurita was born in Sporting Cristaldebuted with the light blue shirt in the First Division and has a special history with ‘Tino’ Asprilla. He feels like the ‘unrecognized son’ of the ‘coffee grower’ soccer player and he remembers with emotion the day they were face to face and the reaction of his ‘father’ to him.

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Julio, do you feel like the ‘unrecognized son’ of ‘Tino’ Asprilla?

He himself said that he was.


I met him at the National Stadium.

How was that meeting?

Peru faced the Colombians and as a preliminary we played the youth teams of Sporting Cristal and Universitario.

You were obviously in the sky blue box

Yes, and since I knew that those cracks were going to play in the background, I stayed at the door of the locker room. Standing, waiting for them to pass.

What followed?

The ‘Partners’ appeared and ‘Pibe’ Valderrama and Freddy Rincón came together.

Tremendous monsters!

They passed by my side and when they saw me they stopped.

In front of you?

Yes, and they called Asprilla: ‘Hey ‘Tino’, come on’


Yes, and the ‘Pibe’ spoke to him: ‘I didn’t know that you had come here before’

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How did you react?

Surprised, he said: ‘My first time in Peru.’

What else?

Seeing me, he realized how hesitant was coming and told me: ‘Son, the game is over and you’re going to Colombia with me’ and everyone started laughing.

So if he ‘recognized’ you

Sure, I’m the ‘Peruvian Tino’, ha ha.

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Who did you debut with in Primera?

With the Sporting Cristal shirt and against Vitória from Brazil. He wore a terrible Africa look.

Who raped you?

The goalkeeper Julius Caesar Balerio.

How was that?

My name is; ‘Come here, I’m going to be your godfather’ and he cut my hair.

From there it protected you?

At that time Cristal played on Saturdays and in the morning. I almost always remember 11:30 am.

Why do you make the reference?

When the game was over, he told me to go with him and we would go to Chimbote on a plane.

After playing?

Right now. She had her ‘warmed up’ over there.

What was the routine?

We arrived at the girl’s house and the ‘Old Man’ prepared barbecues, but I only ate, because he didn’t want me to drink.

And then?

We returned to Lima on Monday, almost always after having started training.

Didn’t they tell you anything?

The ‘Blind’ Juan Carlos Oblitas was the coach and as soon as he saw me arrive, he was on top of me, but Balerio stood up.


He clarified: ‘Don’t screw it up, he’s been with me’.

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And it didn’t catch your attention?

I just told him: ‘Don’t go to spoil the boy’ and everything was normal.

And how long did that last?

Several months, until I put an end to that situation. He was bored of those trips and always invented something for him, which he had to do on my break.

In football almost everyone dances well, better reveal the name of the baddest

The worst is Flavio Maestri.


It’s boring, he doesn’t dance, but you know what.


I didn’t need to go out on the dance floor. He was macho to play, he was ‘fixed’, he played in Cristal and he had money. Impossible not to ‘win’ with the girls.

The worst partner to concentrate?

Aldo Olcese. He doesn’t let sleep. I took off the sheet, it makes noise all night.

Was he the only unpleasant one?

Julinho, who lowered your pants. Unbearable.

A big hug

Another for you and thanks for the interview.


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