storm damage in Mendoza

Instability does not give Mendoza respite and the rain forecast continues. This condition would remain until next Saturday, the day on which the entry of a cold front is expected.

As reported by Civil Defense, as a result of the heavy rains registered this Wednesday in different areas of the province, 32 news were registered, most of them in Greater Mendoza.

  • General Alvear: 1 fallen tree.
  • San Rafael: 1 fallen tree.
  • Las Heras: 2 roof collapses, 4 fallen branches and trees, 4 shorted cables, 2 flooded homes.
  • Town: 2 branches and downed trees, 3 shorted wires.
  • Lavalle: 1 house flooded, 1 wire shorted.
  • Guaymallen: 8 shorted wires, 2 sewer overflows, 2 branches and downed trees.

The development of the storm

This Wednesday the province was marked by storms. At 1335 it began to fall slightly to moderately east of Uspallata.

Starting at 3.30 pm, it started in the Northeast of Hidden Water, affecting the Route 180 with heavy rain and occasional hail fall. Then it slowly moved north, towards the area of Water Point.

Another nucleus developed on Route 144 at the height of The Camps, between El Sosneado and San Rafael, with heavy and moderate rain.

At 6.30 p.m., the Route 179 with abundant rain and hail, with slow movement to the Carmenza. It also affected the western sector of the reservoir The Nihuil, with heavy rain and occasional hail fall.

Later, the front had an impact on the southern sector of The Falklands and West of General Alvear. It moved to the Northeast, affecting Jaime Prats, Real del Padre, Rama Caída, Rincón del Atuel, National Square, La Nora and Colonia Española, with moderate to heavy rain.

Starting at 8:40 p.m. the storm altered the Villavicencio area and, at night, it was perceived in several departments of Greater Mendoza.